Legless ‘Iron Man’ Beats the Odds

Legless man in China wins admiration from Weibo users for his courageous, determination and hard work.

Heartwarming Post on Father’s Medical Bill Goes Viral

Emotional fb post on Hospital Kuala Lumpur's RM11k bill reduced to RM31.80 reminds us how blessed we are to have affordable public healthcare.

One Global Group, 100 Voices of Pure Joy

Britain's Got Talent 2016 finalist 100 Voices of Gospel delivers powerful performances that earn praises of "perfection" from Simon Cowell.

50 Years of a Wonderful World

They beautiful lyrics of Louis Armstrong's timeless classic 'What a Wonderful World' bring love and hope in this world.

The Amazing Way a Homeless Man Spent a $100 Gift

Watch a video experiment by YouTuber Josh Paler Lin which reveals a surprise that warms the heart.

Desire Rules When K-Pop Meets Black Gospel 

Koreans deliver a praiseworthy rendition of 'My Desire', K-Pop-infused African American style.

In the Footsteps of Hezekiah Walker

If the song 'Happy' puts a spring in your step, Walker's epic 'Every Praise' will have you dancing in the streets!

KL Lawmakers Tell FT Minister to Stop Politicking, Start Cooperating

Opposition MPs in Kuala Lumpur today made overtures for cooperation to FT Minister Annuar Musa, urging him to stop politicking and focus on governance of KL.

Police Summon Ronnie Liu, Several Others over Sedition Probe into Alleged Insults Against Agong

The police have summoned Ronnie Liu over a sedition probe after he allegedly posted remarks on social media that could be seen as instigating hatred towards the Agong.

Police Recapture Fugitive Who Escaped MACC Custody

The main suspect in an online gaming scam, who escaped from MACC custody after scaling a wall, was re-arrested by police at a hilltop resort early today.

Indira Gandhi Going Ahead with RM100M Suit Against IGP

Lawyers for M Indira Gandhi will be filing a RM100 million civil suit against IGP Abdul Hamid Bador for failing to locate her missing daughter Prasana Diksa.

Umno Reaffirms Support for PN but Wants More Respect, Consensus

The Umno supreme council has reaffirmed support for PN, but wants better cooperation based on "respect" and "political consensus".

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