A Year On, Praying That Missing Pastor Will Be Home for CNY Reunion

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On the anniversary of Koh’s abduction, his wife said the family’s grief and sadness were compounded by the “silence” from the authorities on the progress in the investigation of his abduction but the family have not given up hope of seeing him again.

The first anniversary of missing pastor Raymond Koh was marked with prayers last night, with some 200 people, comprising church-goers, family and friends, participating at the Evangelical Free Church in Petaling Jaya.

The prayers were for Koh to be found safe and reunited with his family – his wife Susanna Liew, 62, son Jonathan, 33, and daughters Esther, 32, and Elizabeth, 22.

Damansara Utama Methodist Church founding senior pastor Daniel Ho said they were also praying for the truth to be revealed.

“We want the Suhakam inquiry to resume as it was just stopped like that. We all want to know the truth. We want to push them to find what had happened,” he was quoted saying.

Criticising the “silence” they received in the year since his disappearance, Koh’s wife said the police must inform her family of the progress in the investigation of his abduction.

She also questioned the sudden prosecution last month of part-time Uber driver Lam Chang Nam for Koh’s abduction, which disrupted the Human Rights Commission’s (Suhakam) inquiry into his disappearance at a crucial time.

“Why is he being charged with kidnapping now, after a lapse of several months and just a day before the inquiry resumed?

“If he really is involved, then he should know where Raymond is now. Bring him out and let the perpetrators be apprehended and justice served.

“But we are met with silence, silence and more silence,” she said, expressing disappointment over the absence of information surrounding her husband’s plight.

Lam had in 2017 been charged with extorting Koh’s son of RM30,000 for the purpose of releasing his father.

The family’s lawyers had questioned the move to charge him with kidnapping after he was cleared by the police of any involvement in the abduction.

Liew said she will hold Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun to his pledge of looking into Koh’s abduction, and said the family retained faith in the police’s integrity and professionalism despite the many disappointments.

She thanked Malaysians who have shown their support as well as organisations such as Suhakam and CAGED that have also taken up the case.

One year on, Liew is praying for a miracle, hoping he will somehow show up for the Chinese New Year reunion meal just hours’ away.

She said her family was not giving up on seeing him again.

“Our hope is for him to join us for the celebrations and see his mother. She is ailing and has not seen him for a year. She doesn’t know about his abduction,” she said.

Liew said the past year had been long and difficult for the family.

“Personally, I still believe he is alive. He could have been detained and kept somewhere.

“I don’t know what they want to do with him. I am sure God is with my husband.”

Asked what she missed most about him, Liew said “his time of prayer and devotion when reading the Bible”.

Liew revealed that Koh was the livewire of every party, too.

He could play his own compositions on his guitar, she said.

Koh also founded Harapan Komuniti, a non-profit organisation that undertakes social and charity works.

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