Altantuya’s Son Dead Amid 12-Year Wait for Lawsuit Against Malaysian Govt

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Altantuya’s father to testify tomorrow.

Yusof Mat Isa

The murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu’s youngest son had died amid the family’s 12-year wait for their RM100 million civil lawsuit against the Malaysian government to start, while her father Shaariibuu Setev will be the first to testify when hearing finally begins tomorrow.

Ramkarpal Singh, a lawyer for Altantuya’s family, said Altantuya’s youngest child Altanshagai Munkhtulga had passed away at the age of 15.

“The fourth plaintiff, the youngest child of Altantuya, he passed away in 2017. As such he can’t continue the suit, being deceased, so we have discontinued his part of the suit against defendants,” he told reporters when met at the Shah Alam court complex.

Earlier today, Ramkarpal informed the court that Altantuya’s youngest son is now dead, which led to Shah Alam High Court judge Datuk Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera recording that he is no longer a party to the lawsuit that was filed in 2007.

When asked to comment on the delay of the hearing of the civil lawsuit, Ramkarpal explained that it was paused pending the conclusion of the criminal proceedings over Altantuya’s 2006 murder.

After the Federal Court’s January 13, 2015, unanimous decision to reverse the acquittal of former police commandos Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar over Altantuya’s murder and to restore their death sentence, her family proceeded with the civil lawsuit.

Ramkarpal explained that government’s initial successful bid to be removed from the lawsuit and Altantuya’s family successful appeal against the striking out contributed to the delay in it being heard.

“I think it’s good, we are looking forward to it, we are relieved that it’s finally kicking off.

“It’s a very long outstanding case, the actual incident happened in 2006, that was 13 or 12 years ago, we are determined to at least get things moving.

“Although we don’t know if we will be able to complete the entire case in the time fixed in the next week or two, because of the number of witnesses that need to be called. But at least it’s a good start, at least we have started,” he said.

Ramkarpal said Altantuya’s family has a formal list of about 80 potential witnesses for this civil lawsuit.

“But we won’t necessarily call all of them, may be 20 to 30 at the moment, we will see how things develop,” he said.

Ramkarpal said Altantuya’s family has three Mongolian witnesses, with her father Shaariibuu Setev to be the first to testify tomorrow when hearing starts.

The two others are a woman from Mongolia and Altantuya’s other son Mungunshagai Bayarjargal.

Altantuya’s parents Shaariibuu and Altantsetseg Sanjaa, and Altantuya’s two sons had on June 4, 2007, filed the civil lawsuit to claim compensation for the mental shock and psychological trauma they suffered over her death.

In the lawsuit where Altantuya’s family is seeking RM100 million as compensation, the four respondents named are Sirul Azhar, Azilah, political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda and the government of Malaysia.

Sirul Azhar and Azilah were not represented by any lawyers for this civil lawsuit. Ramkarpal confirmed they did not appoint any lawyers. – MMO