Altantuya’s Son Rejected by Popular Singer Dad

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The Shah Alam High Court today was told by Bayarkhuu Bayarjargal that his father had refused to take him in after his mother Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered in 2006.

Bayarkhuu said he reached out to his father, Bayarjargal Bayasgalam, whom he described as a popular singer in Mongolia, for support after Altantuya’s death and was rejected.

Bayarjargal goes by the stage name ‘Maadai’.

“My father clearly told me he was married again. He has other children and he refused to take me in,” he replied under cross-examination to the Manjeet Singh Dhillon, the lawyer representing Abdul Razak Baginda who is also one of the defendants in the lawsuit.

Manjeet had asked Bayarkhuu if his maternal grandfather Shariibuu Setev, who is the first plaintiff in the suit, had asked the college graduate if he wished to be with his estranged father.

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“I do remember after the passing of my mother, not only my grandfather suggested that maybe I should meet him, but I too wanted to meet him,” Bayarkhuu said.

“I met with my paternal grandfather who told me he (Maadai) was re-married and has other children. He refused to take me in,” he added.

Manjeet said he was bringing up the matter of Bayarkhuu’s father, whom he described as a successful singer in Mongolia, as the RM100 million suit filed by Altantuya’s family included dependency claims.

Bayarkhuu revealed that he never had any meaningful relationship with his father.

Denying suggestions by defence lawyers that he had received paternal support after his mother’s murder, Bayarkhuu said his father never provided living expenses.

He also testified that his father was not present for his mother’s wake in Mongolia.

“I disagree with the suggestion that my father wanted an opportunity to raise me,” Bayarkhuu said.

“When I met him (recently), we spoke as men, and he apologised that he didn’t raise me as son as he didn’t want me at the time.

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“He admits it and he apologised for it. I knew I had a father, but I never felt any love or any care with him. I’ve never spent a night together with him.”

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