Arson Attack on Customs Officer’s House Nothing to Do with GST but with Smugglers

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Customs man received threat over Customs declaration issues with several businessmen in Sibu who were unhappy with him over seizure of their goods.

The senior officer of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department who was the victim of an arson attack at his house in Precinct 11, Putrajaya, used to bust syndicates while serving at the Enforcement Division, said Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani.

He said the officer had smashed syndicates involved in the smuggling of high dutiable goods such as cigarettes and alcohol before being attached to the current Goods and Services Tax (GST) Division.

“It has nothing to do with GST. It has something to do with the job before that.

“Prior to his transfer, he managed to bust several syndicates that smuggled in goods with unpaid duty worth millions of ringgit,” Johari said.

He said customs officers have been exposed to criminal threats as there had been several transactions involving high dutiable goods.

“That is why we are constantly observing the activities in the black market so that it would not affect the role of the department in protecting the tax system in the country,” he said.

Johari also said that the safety of the department’s officers would always be given top priority.

“Those who have received threats are urged to lodge police reports to avoid any untoward incidents from recurring,” he said.

In the 3.30am incident on Tuesday, four vehicles belonging to Customs GST Division senior assistant director Nur Azman Mat Jini and his family members which were parked in front of his government quarters residence were set on fire.

Fire and Rescue Department

The blaze also affected the front portion of the house.

Nur Azman had lodged a report in April last year after he received a threat over the seizure of five containers of frozen chicken in Sibu, Malay Mail Online reported.

“We believe the threat was over Customs declaration issues with several businessmen in Sibu.

“The businessmen were unhappy with him over the seizure and tried to negotiate the release of the containers,” a source was quoted as telling the Malay Mail.

Nor Azman was then with the enforcement division of the department’s import/export and border control branch based in Putrajaya.

It was also reported that Kuala Lumpur police chief Commissioner Datuk Mazlan Lazim confirmed three individuals were involved in the arson attack, based on statements from witnesses.

Police sources previously told the Malay Mail that several men with ‘Datuk’ titles who were angry with Nor Azman were behind the attack.

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