Australia Urged to Deport Sirul

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Anwar Ibrahim calls on Australia to do the utmost to allow Sirul to come back to face a new trial “that is clearly transparent and just” to determine the truth behind Altantuya’s murder.

Convicted murderer Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar is in no position to bargain over his dilemma and should be deported back to the country.

“Sirul can be deported to Malaysia if the death penalty is abolished or if his current death sentence is commuted to life imprisonment,” said Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh.

“I am confident that one of the above will happen in the near future and urge the Australian authorities to deport him thereafter to serve his sentence in Malaysia.

Zulaikha Zainuzman

“He must give his full cooperation to the authorities in investigations as to who ordered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu’s murder.”

Sirul was sentenced to death in 2009 for murdering 28-year-old Altantuya, who was alleged to have connections to high-ranking Malaysian government officials.

He alleged that he was following orders from above.

Sirul fled to Sydney, Australia, in 2015.

He is currently held at an immigration detention centre there and is seeking asylum.

Ramkarpal said justice must be served in Altantuya’s case and Australia ought to play its part in ensuring that it was achieved by deporting Sirul back to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Anwar Ibrahim has also urged Australia to send Sirul back for trial

He told Australian radio ABC that Australia’s refusal to allow Sirul to return to Malaysia will confirm the perceptions of many Malaysians that Canberra was “complicit” in the corruption of the previous Barisan Nasional government.

“It’s time, to say this in diplomatic language, (that) Australia accepts the fact that some of their foreign policy clearly has been tainted, and perceived by many Malaysians to be complicit in the torrent of crimes and corruption and criminal actions,” Anwar said.

Elaborating on what he meant, he said Australia’s endorsement of Najib’s administration in spite of the many international investigations into the scandal-ridden 1Malaysia Development Bhd, which Najib chairs, had disappointed Malaysians.

“They have been always, in all their statements, extremely supportive of Najib’s administration,” Anwar said of Australian leaders.

Anwar urged Australia to now “do the utmost to make sure that this is corrected”.

“Sirul should be allowed to come back.”

He said a new trial “that is clearly transparent and just” must be allowed to proceed, to determine the truth behind Altantuya’s 2006 murder.

“You can’t have a trial when a person is detained elsewhere.”

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