Azmin: I Wanted Haziq Sacked for Campaigning for BN in GE14

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PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali today said that he had proposed to his party’s leadership to sack Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz after the latter was found to be campaigning for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the 14th general election.

“That is basic logic,” he told reporters at the sidelines of a Raya open house hosted by the Prime Minister’s Department.

Azmin also said that many had asked the same question.

Responding to a question as to why he was not axed then, he replied: “I cannot disagree with you.”

Pressed further, Azmin said sacking Haziq over this issue would have been the logical step.

Quizzed if he had raised this with other leaders in the past, Azmin said: “Yeah. But how much can I say (about the matter)?”

On the same note, he is also clueless how Haziq managed to evade the chopping block again over his sex scandal confession and for implicating Azmin in the matter.


“I have no idea about that,” he said when asked why the Santubong PKR Youth chief was slapped with a show-cause letter instead of being sacked.

As to whether he was satisfied with the show-cause letter being issued, Azmin stated: “No, it is not about me being happy or not. You can say ‘what is the perception of the public’.”

Previously, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said the party would wait for the outcome of the police investigation before deciding on Haziq’s fate.

However, the PKR political bureau, which met yesterday, decided to issue the show-cause letter.