Cops could have Planted Evidence in Raymond Koh Case

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Police could have planted evidence at a dead suspect’s home in Pengkalan Hulu, Perak, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) public inquiry into the missing Pastor Raymond Koh heard today.

Koh’s family lawyer Jerald Gomez said that based on former Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar’s testimony previously, the police found photographs of Koh, his house, vehicle and Koh car number plates at the suspect’s home.

“When we questioned Khalid, he said it was not only pictures that they found but also physical number plates of Koh’s vehicle (ST5515). 

“But today in the inquiry, we hear there were no number plates in the police search list,” he said.

On June 17 last year, a suspected drug smuggler and human trafficker was shot dead near Baling, Kedah. Police also arrested four of the suspect’s accomplices.

Further investigations led police to the dead man’s house, where they found the photos of Koh, his vehicle and house.

Federal police CID deputy director commissioner Huzir Mohamed who continued his testimony today said that they have no clue how the items ended up in the suspect’s house.

He also said that the four suspects they caught had no connection to Koh.

Gomez asked Huzir if the police had planted the items.

Huzir denied Gomez’s allegations and said that he trusted the integrity of his officers when they did the search. He added the dead suspect’s wife was present during the search.

Commissioner Mah Weng Kwai then said it was a serious allegation by Gomez and asked Huzir if he disagreed.

Huzir said that he disagreed that the items were planted, adding that there was a search list of the items.

Gomez asked Huzir if Koh’s number plate ST5515 was in the search list because Khalid had confirmed that there were photos and physical number plates in his testimony last year.

Huzir replied that there was a number plate found in Baling, Kedah but it was not from Koh’s vehicle.

Police observer from the IGP secretariat SAC, R Munusamy then asked Huzir if he, in his experience, always had full knowledge of all the details when giving a press statement.

Huzir replied in the negative but said it was usually his officer who prepares his statements.

Munusamy then asked Huzir if he agreed that when Khalid gave his press statement, he did not have all the facts of the case.

Huzir agreed, saying that Khalid did not have all the facts.

The pastor was abducted in Petaling Jaya on February 13 last year by about 15 men in three black SUVs.

The abduction was caught on closed-circuit television cameras and has been described as a well-coordinated operation.

The Suhakam inquiry wants to determine whether the disappearances of Koh, Perlis Hope founder Amri Che Mat, as well as pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife, Ruth Sitepu, are cases of enforced disappearance sanctioned by the state. – TMI