Cops Release Photo-Fits of Alleged Assassins of Palestinian Lecturer

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Police have released photo-fits of the suspects behind the shooting of 35-year-old Palestinian lecturer Dr Fadi Albatsh in Setapak last Saturday.

The pictures have also been released to authorities at all the country’s exit points.

Police compiled the photo-fits based on eyewitness descriptions, according to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

“We have experts who compiled the photo-fits based on eyewitnesses but we cannot reveal much about those who spoke to us,” he told reporters

Fuzi said the two suspects are believed to be either of European or Middle Eastern descent.

“The suspects are well-built and approximately 180cm tall with fair complexions,” he said, adding that it was uncertain if they were still in the country.

He added that the suspects were said to be riding BMW GS and Kawasaki Versys motorcycles.

“We also retrieved 14 bullets slugs from the body of the victim following a post-mortem.

“We have sent these slugs to our weapons experts here for further analysis,” he said.

Fuzi declined to disclose further details on the case as it was still under investigation but said that they might take a statement from the victim’s brother Dr Rami Albatsh, who arrived in Malaysia on Monday, if necessary.

He also called on anyone who noticed anything between 5am and 7am on Saturday to come forward.

In the brutal 6am slaying on April 21, two men in full-faced helmets riding high-powered motorcycles waited 20 minutes in the dark near Jalan Meranti in Setapak, before assassinating Dr Fadi.

He was walking to a mosque some 300 metres from his home at Idaman Puteri Condominium in Medan Idaman when he was instantly killed in a hail of bullets at about 6am.

Dr Fadi, who is also an imam, was going to the mosque to lead the subuh prayers.

It was reported that Albatsh’s family has accused Israel’s Mossad spy agency of being behind the killing. However, Israel had issued a statement denying its involvement.

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