Cradle Fund CEO’s Widow Accuses Cops of Being ‘Unfair’ in Murder Probe

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Police have been accused of being “unfair” and “overzealous” in their investigations into the murder of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan.

The accusation is made by Nazrin’s widow, Samirah Muzaffar, through a representation made to the office of the deputy public prosecutor, sources told The Malaysian Insight.

“The representation was made after Samirah’s two teenage sons were detained by police in the course of investigations,” a source said.

“Samirah complained that her sons were traumatised from the ordeal of having been locked up and later suffered ridicule from their schoolmates.”

Copies of the representation were also sent to the Kuala Lumpur High Court, Selangor police chief and the Attorney-General’s Chambers, the source said.

The sons, aged 17 and 14, from Samirah’s first marriage, were picked up from the home of their grandfather, political scientist Chandra Muzaffar, in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, in September.

Police were granted a seven-day remand order after the discovery of puncture wounds on Nazrin’s neck, believed to have been caused by arrows. Reports had also suggested that the boys had an interest in archery.

The teenagers were released after two days following an appeal.

After their release, police picked up Samirah’s sister and brother-in-law. The first to get arrested were Samirah and former husband.

Investigations have now come to a standstill as police wait for the results of the second post-mortem.

Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan’s body was exhumed from the Kota Damansara cemetery on October 8 after his family lodged a police report alleging that the first post-mortem was flawed.

The second post-mortem came about after Nazrin’s family lodged a police report alleging that the first was flawed.

Pathologists are still analysing the findings from the second autopsy conducted at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre.

Nazrin was found dead in his bedroom, which caught fire, in Mutiara Damansara on June 14, a day before Hari Raya.

His family said his handphone had exploded, causing the blaze. Cradle Fund also issued a statement saying its CEO died of injuries attributed to an exploding handphone charging next to the bed.

Police later reclassified the case as murder after traces of petrol were found on the body.

Police are also looking for an Indonesian maid who worked in Nazrin’s house at the time of the murder.

She went missing soon after the murder. The Immigration Department has no record of her entry or exit.

It was also reported that Nazrin had received a death threat three months before he was murdered.

The threat came in the form of an anonymous phone call which Nazrin took seriously. He had also lodged a police report.

Police later traced the call to a close relative and when Nazrin was informed, he retracted the report. – TMI

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