Criminal Fraud in Felda’s Jln Semarak Project, Top Brass Implicated in Audit Report

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Forensic audit report conducted on KLVC project showed that there was non-compliance with procurement procedures and negligence in safeguarding Felda’s interests.

Kuala Lumpur Vertical City (KLVC) is a project being developed by Synergy Promenade Sdn Bhd (SPSB) on land belonging to Felda.

Yusof Mat Isa

In a statement yesterday, the Prime Minister’s department said Felda had been instructed to take disciplinary and/or legal action against those named in the audit report who are found to have been negligent in performing their duties, misrepresenting and not safeguarding the interests of Felda and Felda Investment Corporation (FIC).

Felda chairman Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad said Felda has set up an investigation committee to carry out a legal review on the alleged criminal fraud found in the KLVC project forensic audit on the transaction records and documents in 2014.

“The forensic audit report showed criminal fraud had been committed. 

“The task of the investigation committee covers the Felda and FIC management. We’ll see the extent of the involvement of the 2014 Felda board members and FIC and whether legal action could be taken against them,” Shahrir told reporters last night.

He revealed that the committee would include the present members of the Board, chaired by Malaysian Palm Oil Board director-general Datuk Dr Ahmad Kushairi Din and assisted by a legal firm.

He also set three months for the committee to complete the report on the investigation or legal review before submitting it to the Felda Board of Directors.

Asked on the action that could be taken on Felda and FIC officials, he said those involved could be sacked and have their salaries slashed.

“For those who are no longer with Felda and FIC, civil action could be taken against them,” he said.

When asked if this meant that it would include the chairman at that time, Shahrir replied: “The board of Felda usually means including its chairman.”

Asked again if this included former Felda chairman Tan Sri Isa Abdul Samad, he said: “If you check, what would you find?”

Pressed by reporters if this meant right to the top, he replied: “Yes.”


Isa was Felda chairman from January 2011 to January 2017.

Asked whether the audit report had named individuals who were found to have been negligent in safeguarding the interests of Felda and FIC, Shahrir declined to mention them.

Asked about the allegation by PKR vice-president Mohd Rafizi Ramli that the Felda land in Jalan Semarak was still owned by the developer, Shahrir said the land was still under the registrar’s caveat.

“No transaction can be carried out on the land including registering it back to Felda as long as the registrar’s caveat is still on the title. The registrar’s caveat is a way to protect Felda’s interest.

“When Felda lodged a police report on Dec 26, (the land) was placed under the registrar’s caveat. So, until the registrar’s caveat is lifted or annulled, no transaction could be carried out on the land, including transferring the ownership back to Felda,” he said.

However, Shahrir said that Felda was confident that the land could be recovered.

“In any process of ownership transfer, it must be done through a resolution of the board of directors (developers). So, as a company, the land ownership is in the name of a company.

“So for the land ownership to be transferred back to Felda, the company has to make a resolution of the board of directors and sign. Secondly, it must be signed with the company seal placed in the Form 14A. So both the documents are with Felda,” he added.

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