‘Datuk’ Cons His Way to More Than RM100K

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Several individuals have lost more than RM100,000 while another barely escaped from being swindled by a ‘Datuk’.

  • Holds positions in various NGOs
  • Uses fake temple receipts to collect money from public
  • Preys mainly on women, borrowing money from them
  • Fraudulent activities since January, yet no arrest been made

Penang Gerakan vice-chairman Oh Tong Keong said the ‘Datuk’ was believed to have misled his victims by offering them council management services and using fake temple receipts for the purpose of collecting money from the public.

“The 38-year-old ‘Datuk’ also deceived his victims, majority of whom are women, by persuading them to lend him some money for travel and other purposes.

KE Ooi

“As this ‘Datuk’ has several positions in various non-governmental organisations, there were victims who believed him and ended up giving some money to him,” Oh said.

He told a press conference in Penang yesterday that the man’s fraudulent activities have been detected since the beginning of January this year and are believed to be still ongoing as no arrest has been made yet.

Lina Onn, 44, a representative of several members of an international welfare club in Penang, claimed they lost RM100,000 to the ‘Datuk’ who is also a former president of the club.

Oon said they were tricked into lending their money to the man.

“My friends and I visited Japan last month with the Datuk and he borrowed RM35,000 from me as he wanted to buy some branded stuff.

Danial Saad

“However, after returning to Malaysia, he just disappeared. We looked for him at his home but he was not there. He had even blocked our telephone numbers,” Oon said.

The victims recently lodged a police report at the Northeast district police headquarters.

Oon said they had copies of a cheque and bank transactions conducted with the Datuk to prove their claims.

“We are prepared to assist the police with their investigation into the matter,” she added.