“Dr M Resign, Anwar 8th PM” Banners Appear in KL

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Amid rumours of a no-confidence vote against the prime minister, as well as allegations and denials over a plot within Pakatan Harapan (PH) to remove Dr Mahathir Mohamad, banners have appeared urging the prime minister to step down.

In Bangsar, a banner tied to a pedestrian bridge read “Mahathir letak jawatan, Anwar Ibrahim PM ke-8. Demi Selamatkan Malaysia (Mahathir resign, Anwar Ibrahim the 8th PM. To save Malaysia).”


A similar banner was also put up at the MRR2 highway near the Giant supermarket in Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiakini reported.

PKR communications chief Fahmi Fadzil has since accused the banners of being the work of the Opposition.

“This morning, a slanderous political banner had been placed at the pedestrian bridge on Jalan Bangsar, in front of Abdullah Hukum or Putra Ria apartments.

“I believe this was done by the rivals of Pakatan Harapan.

“I have ordered PKR members to remove the banner and to lodge a police report on the incident,” Fahmi, who is the Lembah Pantai MP, said in a Facebook posting this morning.

Recently, PAS had pledged their support for Dr Mahathir to remain as prime minister in the event of a no-confidence vote against him in Parliament.

Both PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and the DAP have been accused of collaborating to oust Dr Mahathir.

However, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng dismissed the allegation of such a move. He said the PH government as a whole supported Dr Mahathir, with not a single component party wanting to declare a vote of no confidence against him.

Bersatu supreme council member Rais Hussin also rubbished the coup allegation as nothing more than a “poorly orchestrated rumour”.

According to Anwar, the allegation was aimed at covering up the issue of the RM90 million PAS had supposedly received from Umno.

The matter of the transfer of power from Dr Mahathir to Anwar has been a contentious one. Although Dr Mahathir has repeatedly stated the transition will take place, no formal time frame has been set.

Reiterations from both leaders that there is no rift between them have failed to extinguish speculation of a potential repeat of what transpired two decades ago.