Govt Has Traced 1MDB Money Trail, No Escape for Crooks

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Daim reveals that the government’s financial situation was shocking after BN.

  • Appalling state of government’s financial situation never happened before
  • Time needed to rectify issues plaguing the country
  • Better to be frank about debt to avoid corruption, be transparent
  • PM going to the US and UK to meet investors keen to hear about our reforms
  • Evidence of 1MDB money trail
  • New information from confidential 1MDB files that had been kept away by BN
  • Those involved in 1MDB now want to be witnesses

Tun Daim Zainuddin said the new administration was shocked to discover the government’s financial situation upon a meeting with Bank Negara officials.

In an interview with TV3’s Soal Rakyat last night, Daim said the appalling state of affairs led to the government having issues in meeting its 100 days’ pledges.

“When we did the manifesto, we did not know the actual situation. After the change of government, the first thing the prime minister did was to form a Council of Eminent Persons.

“That night, we had meeting until 12am, and we called all parties, including Bank Negara, to look into the accounts. We were shocked.


“The numbers were different. It had never happened before. I told the prime minister that we need to look into this. Something bad had happened.

“Now we need to review all things – finance, economy and the agencies. We need to know whether we have enough in the coffers or not,” Daim said.

However, Daim said the government did its utmost to meet the people’s expectations.

“Now, although we cannot fulfil all pledges within 100 days, we did so for GST. Then, we are moving towards the separation of powers between the executive, parliament and the judiciary.”

Daim said on hindsight, the people were more concerned about bread-and-butter issues rather than other pledges in Pakatan Harapan’s manifesto.

He also reminded the rakyat some of the previous government’s legacy has become a stumbling block for changes to take place.

“They asked why the guilty ones are still free. Why Najib is not in jail yet.

“The people have forgotten. When Najib was in power, the judges were appointed by him. The (then) attorney-general was his man. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was his.

“All the files against him were closed. Upon inquiry, the files were not there, and investigations had to be done again, and time will be needed to carry it out,” he said.

Daim implored the people to give the government more time to rectify issues plaguing the country.

“We hope that the people will understand the actual situation. As for the new Cabinet, they were the opposition over the past 50 years. So it is different for them. They need time to adapt. The CEP will assist the prime minister and advise on the priorities.”

Frank about debt

When asked if revealing that the country’s debt had touched RM1 trillion would have created anxiety among investors Daim said it is better to be transparent than to cheat.

“The present government is willing to be frank to avoid corruption. It wants reform. 

“Rating agencies met me, and I asked what they wanted. If you want us to cheat, we can cheat. Is that what they want? It is better to be frank,” he said.

Daim added that being open about the real situation would enable investors to do a proper analysis of the country and make investment decisions.

“When they come to Malaysia, everything is transparent. If we hide, what is the point of being shocked tomorrow? No need. They understand,” he said when asked about the sentiment of investors.

Daim also revealed that Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would be going to the United States and the United Kingdom to meet with investors keen to listen to him on Malaysia’s reforms.

“This is important. Once and for all, don’t hide. This is the real situation. We don’t want to cheat,” he added.

1MDB crooks will not escape prosecution

With regard to the 1MDB scandal, Daim pledged that those involved will not escape prosecution.

“We have evidence of the money trail involving 1MDB. We know who received it and who did not. They cannot run away,” he said.

Daim said prosecution and action against the culprits involved in 1MDB will take time as the investigation conducted by the MACC was only 60 percent complete.

He disclosed that he had been receiving new information from several confidential files on 1MDB that had been kept away by the BN administration.

“Jho Low said he was not involved in the matter. That’s what he said. We have statements and other evidence.

“Now, after Pakatan Harapan took over the government, those who are involved want to be witnesses and give statements on what has happened.

“All statements (from those in the country) have been recorded and we are waiting for the statements from those who are abroad,” he said.