Grab Driver Punched by Former National Athlete Reluctantly Agrees to Settle

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A GrabCar driver who was punched in the eye by a former national sportswoman last week has apparently agreed to put the matter to rest, albeit reluctantly.

  • Driver apparently scolded for being rude for not stopping when he could not have identified the passengers
  • Assailant allegedly threw ride fare at driver
  • She downplayed incident as “small misunderstanding”, claimed accidentally hit the victim
  • Driver insulted that she allegedly turned down his request to donate RM1k to orphanage, instead offered RM200 compensation or would rather donate RM10k to charity
  • Victim claimed police hounded him to drop the matter
  • He was also warned assailant might sue him for attempted blackmail

On Dec 1, Wayne Chow Wai Loon was delayed when picking up the woman and her mother from Sunway Pyramid for a trip to their home in SS6, Subang Jaya.

When they got on board, the women voiced their displeasure and an argument ensued.

When Chow took them to the street of their destination but to the wrong house, another dispute started.

Unhappy with the way he was treated, he tried to take a photo of the passengers.

On seeing this, the former athlete was angered and allegedly punched Chow in the right eye when trying to get him to stop.

The issue came to light after Chow wrote about his ordeal in a long post titled ‘I’m a Grab driver, not your dog’ on his Facebook page.

A summary from Chow’s post uploaded at 11.44pm on the day of the incident:

I have been a Grab driver for a year, my rating is 4.90.

I received a pickup call for Sunway Pyramid and drove over.

However, Sunway Pyramid has two exits. When I arrived at the first exit, I called and asked the passenger where she was. She said “At H&M”, so I drove over but I didn’t see them, and they didn’t wave. I slowed down, looking for a place to call them.

All of a sudden, there was a “bang” – my car was hit very hard.

It was the pair of mother and daughter who called for the ride.

I asked them why did you hit my car so hard?

“You are a rude driver!”

“Why didn’t you stop?”

Sunway Pyramid has so many people and so many cars. You didn’t reach out or anything like that, how do I know it’s you? People who take Grab will know that it’s easier for the passenger to find the driver because there’s a licence plate.

“I am going to report you! You rude driver!”

Of course, I apologised for the sake of peace.

For us Grab drivers, it’s a serious matter. This will directly affect my next meal! So I took them home.

RM8 drive, they’re back.

I parked at house number 58 (they wanted to drop at number 56) because I wasn’t sure which house because they didn’t say which one. So, what do you think happened?

“I’m going to report you! This is not the right location that you should stop us!” The mother just got out of the car. And then the daughter threw me RM10! When I was getting the RM2 change, the daughter got out of the car and banged the door.

Then the mother said, “You rude driver, I am going to report you!” 

 She used a cell phone to shoot me!

Not to be outdone, I took out my cell phone.

Then suddenly, I was in the dark – the daughter had punched me in the right eye!

Wayne Chow/Facebook

I was blinded for a moment and had a little dizziness.

So I stopped by the side of the road to look at the wound and I called Grab Support. They probably called the police because the police came.

The police told me to go to the police station.

So I reported it!

I have a picture of them.

I would like to use the power of netizens to put pressure on them so that they come out and apologise!

According to my friend, it is very likely that the person who hit me is a member of the Malaysian Women’s Futsal Team! Very arrogant! How can you beat people’s eyes? The name seems to be Fexxxity Axxxs.

Please help me get justice. And I hope that Grab company will bring justice to its drivers.

If I wake up tomorrow, and my eyes are blind, I’ll sue you for generations! Bully!

Accompanying the post were three photographs of Chow showing the injury to his right eye and a picture of a police report.

Chow’s post went viral and social media was abuzz about the alleged assault, with netizens identifying the younger woman as former Malaysian national futsal player Felicity Agnes Ng.

The next day, after the issue exploded on the Internet, Ng issued a handwritten public apology on her Facebook page, saying that it was “a small misunderstanding on both sides” and that “it has been settled on both parties”. 

Felicity Agnes/Facebook

Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohammad Azlin Sadari said that the police had met with both parties involved.

“Both sides lodged police reports and we have recorded their statements. We found that there was a misunderstanding and an argument which led to the injury.

“Following investigations, both sides were called in. After some discussion, both made peace and withdrew their reports,” Azlin was quoted as saying by The Star.

He added that no investigation paper was opened over the incident.

Several hours later, at 10.52pm on Dec 2, Chow wrote another long post on his Facebook page.

A policeman warned me that I made the post last night go viral and the police can sue me!

I really need legal aid right now! Can someone tell me if the police really have the power to sue me?! Isn’t there justice in Malaysia? Is it wrong to defend yourself?

The police are persuading me to write off the case, telling me it’s a small matter. You two are not supposed to fight. But now that I have been beaten, don’t I have a little power to regain my dignity? If we had hit each other, do you think I can still talk to you here? I would be in jail!I believe everyone has seen her “apology”. do you think that a person who was punched in the eye can accept such an apology? She admitted she hit me.

Can I sue her? I don’t want money, I just want to get the justice and dignity I deserve. (She made a report at the police station today, saying she just pushed my cell phone and accidentally hit me!)

A friend from a political party is helping to coordinate – I do not know exactly what. He said that tomorrow we will be invited to settle the issue of compensation.

My demands are simple:

  1. Sincerely apologise.
  2. The mother should also apologise. She is very determined not to apologise.
  3. I don’t need you to pay me money. I want RM1000 compensation donated to an orphanage.

I’m very upset. According to the political party, they said, “I won’t give you RM1,000, the most I will give to compensate you is RM200. If there are any orphanages in need in the vicinity, I am willing to donate RM10,000!”

I don’t know what to do. My eye, for rich people with power and connections, is only worth Rm200!!! And, even if they say they want to donate RM10 000, tomorrow I want to know where they are going to donate. Please join me in supervising the mother and daughter!

I don’t want your money. You think RM200 is very big!? Insulted me once is not enough, after I shook hands and took a photo you continue to insult me with RM200!

I’m just trying to get justice! Justice! Justice! Why is there no justice?!?!

I’m just a 22-year-old boy. What do I know? When I went to the police station, I was constantly persuaded, and I said, “What viral can sue me?” Sue me? Scare me? Is that a threat? I don’t know if they have connections or some help, but I really feel that the police have been biased.

I want you to remember, regardless of who you are, what is your background, you are an adult, and you should take responsibility for what you do.

Many people are interested in Grab’s reaction.

The Grab Support guy (probably is a senior) said: “Mr Chow, you can claim for your medical expenses. And please clarify to everyone that Grab is not involved in this case. We have to listen to both sides as perhaps both parties are wrong. We will also call to the passenger to ask what has happened.”

Early this morning, Chow wrote his third long post.

He said he had received a lot of advice over the past few days and more than 400 unsolicited messages through Facebook from concerned individuals.

He wrote that most people advised him not to take the matter to court because it would take too long and would not be worth it.

Besides, Chow thinks that he doesn’t have the capability, financial resources and time to pursue the matter and he really needs to get back to work.

He also claimed that he was warned that the other party might sue him for attempted blackmail.

He said mediators will be organising a press conference on Tuesday where the assailant and her mother are expected to tender their apology.

Chow expressed his appreciation to everyone who tried to help him, including social activist Kuan Chee Heng.

Wayne Chow/Facebook

He said there were offers to contribute to his legal fund, but he declined because he wanted to borrow instead when he had considered taking legal action or pursuing the matter.

“But now, that is no longer important,” he said.

“I have tried my best. I’m sorry if I have let you down by settling the matter.

“Netizens, you can scold me or laugh at me if this makes you feel a bit better,” he wrote.

Chow is apparently being actively persuaded to drop the matter, and through all of this, Grab appears to be keeping a very low profile.