Haziq’s Dad Claims Cops Forced Their Way into His House, Lodges Report

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The father of Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, has lodged a police report after policemen allegedly swooped into his house in Kuching at 5pm yesterday.

Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, 53, was with his daughter when police allegedly forced their way into his residence at 5pm yesterday (June 13).

“About five policemen, one wearing the green vest, while four others in plainclothes forced their way through to my house compound.

“Maybe they managed to gain access as the alarm system and doorbell in my house was faulty,” he was quoted as saying.

Abdul Aziz said he believed they were the police because they came in a police patrol car.

“Well they did not show any identification that they are cops but I assume they were policemen because of their car and the officer who was in a police vest. However, they did say that they are from Bukit Aman police headquarters.

“They did not harm me or my daughter. They just wanted to question me about my son. It’s just that they were a bit stern, and the way they showed up in my house made me nervous,” he added.

Abdul Aziz said he was questioned about his son’s whereabouts and family background.

He later lodged a police report at Kuching district police station at 1am today (June 14).

In his report, he said five men broke into his house in Kuching, claiming to be policemen from Bukit Aman.

“I was suspicious of their behaviour and agreed with their request and signed the forms they instructed me to sign without checking,” Abdul Aziz said.

Haziq posted a photo of the report on Facebook on Friday (June 14), saying “leave my family alone and face the truth!”

The post has since been removed from his Facebook page.