Jakim Probes Officer’s Alleged FB Post Threatening to Slaughter Non-Muslims

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The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) is investigating a Facebook post inciting Muslims to murder “kafir” (infidels), which has triggered a wave of reactions on social media.

Social media users have been sharing a screenshot of the post, with the original sender stated as ‘Bakri Amboala’.

“Muslims must get their slaughter knives ready. Just to be prepared. Who knows, the kafir are acting like cattle for slaughter,” said the posting in the screenshot.

Kafir, or infidels, is a derogatory term referring to non-Muslims but has been widely used in Malaysia.

A check by FMT revealed that an individual by the name of Bakri Amboala is listed on the Jakim website as the assistant director of one of its publication units.

FMT is attempting to reach Bakri.

When contacted, Fuziah Salleh, the deputy minister in charge of Jakim, said she is aware of the post.


“Jakim is taking action,” she said.

The post is believed to have been removed from Bakri’s Facebook.

Bakri has among others shared a picture of Dr Zakir Naik and his son meeting the Terengganu menteri besar during the controversial Indian preacher’s recent tour of the east coast.

He had also commented on the Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) finding last month disputing a claim by Bagan MP and Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng that some RM19 billion in GST refunds had been “stolen” by the Najib Razak administration.

“Dewan Rakyat was heated today, Bagan (Lim) called Pekan (Najib) a robber, but clearly this was not the case based on the PAC report.

“The faint-hearted should not be an MP. Only the cold-hearted can argue,” he said.

He has also shared a picture of him with Zamihan Mat Zin, the Jakim officer who invited royal wrath in 2017 for defending a Muslim-only laundrette in Johor.

In May, Selangor Islamic authorities approved a temporary licence allowing him to deliver religious lectures in the state. – FMT