Jho Low Fled to China

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Fugitive Jho Low has fled Macau for China, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported today.

The daily said that Low may have entered China by car or private jet.

The exact whereabouts of Low, who had earlier skipped Hong Kong for Macau, while facing an Interpol arrest warrant are unclear.

“But sources have told SCMP that Low, 37, is now on the mainland, having travelled from the former Portuguese enclave either by car or private jet,” the daily said.

SCMP also quoted an anonymous Macau security source as saying “it is without a doubt” Low is currently in mainland China, adding that he probably went to Macau to head for China.

The businessman on the run who is wanted in connection with the 1MDB scandal had left Macau while Bukit Aman was seeking assistance from the region’s authorities.

Malaysia has an extradition treaty with China.

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