Jho Low’s Seized Yacht Can Sail to US, Judge Rules

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The US$250 million yacht which the Department of Justice (DoJ) claims Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho bought with stolen government funds can be sailed from Indonesia to the US, a judge says.

On Tuesday, US district judge Dale Fischer in Los Angeles denied the request by the trusts that hold title to the Equanimity to keep it anchored in Bali while they’re challenging the seizure of the 300-foot vessel.

The judge said she had some concern about the trusts’ allegation that the US plans to understaff the yacht on its trip to US waters and ordered the government to confer with the captain or senior officer of the yacht to determine the necessary crew.

After the DoJ filed its forfeiture lawsuit against the yacht last year, Low, better known as Jho Low, instructed its crew to keep it away from countries such as Singapore and Australia.

He said those governments were likely to seize the vessel and urged the crew to instead stick to “safe” places such as Cambodia and Vietnam, according to a court filing by the US.

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