Kim Jong-nam Trial: The Week’s Recap

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Video recordings showing the suspects at klia2 were played in court, with the focus on the roles Siti and Doan played.

  • Four male Korean suspects named
  • Police still keeping more than US$100,000 in cash that belongs to Jong-nam
  • Nerve agent dosage found on Jong-nam’s skin was 1.4 times the lethal dosage
Roslin Mat Tahir

Oct 12: Day 8

The four male suspects charged with Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong for the killing of Kim Jong-nam were identified for the first time, but only as Mr Chang, Mr Y, Hanamori also known as “Grandpa” or “Uncle”, and James.

Mr Chang was seen in a video recording played in court, meeting with Siti at a restaurant at the airport’s third-level departure hall.

Investigating officer Asst Supt Wan Azirul Nizam Che Wan Aziz identified Mr Y as a man wearing a black cap and carrying a black backpack seen in another video, walking into the airport with a woman who resembled Doan.

“Based on my investigation, Mr Y was the person who applied a liquid on the second accused,” Azirul said, referring to Doan.

Hanamori had given instructions to Mr Y, while James had “recruited” Siti, Azirul said.

Oct 11: Day 7

ASP Azirul revealed that Sepang police are still keeping more than US$100,000 (RM421,500) in cash that belongs to Jong-nam.

It was reported in June that Jong Nam was believed to have had US$120,000 in his possession when he died.

After Jong Nam’s death, Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun had claimed he may have been paid for information.

CCTV videos of the attack on Jong-nam and both suspects hurrying away afterwards were presented to the High Court.

A video showed a woman, identified by Azirul as Doan, approaching Jong-nam at the check-in counter and clasping both hands on his face from behind.

Azirul told the court while Siti cannot be seen attacking Jong-nam, he identified her as a person seen in the video running away in a different direction.

Based on another clip, he also told the court that Doan appeared “aggressive” and didn’t apologise to Jong-nam like she did to another person she approached in a similar manner two days earlier – which was believed to be a rehearsal.

After the assault, Doan and Siti were seen leaving the area on Level 3 heading to the toilet on Level 2.

Doan was seen with her hands described by Azirul as being in an “uncomfortable” position.

“She seemed to be avoiding her palms from touching her sleeves. She looked anxious and wanted to get out of there immediately,” he said.

He said prior to entering the toilet, Doan’s body movements showed she sometimes raised her hands, and at other times kept it down, all the while avoiding them touching her body or clothes.

Azirul said Siti ran towards the toilet whilst “shaking” her hands as if they were feeling hot. She was also seen sprinkling water on her hands while descending the escalator.

He said the behaviour of the two women showed a change when they came out of the toilet.

“Doan’s hand movements had returned to normal although she was still hurrying. From the toilet, she headed to the taxi stand.

“After emerging from the toilet, Siti took out a scarf from her sling bag and placed it on her shoulder,” he said.

With their hands in a normal position, both women were seen leaving the airport separately in two taxis.

Earlier, Azirul told the court that CCTV videos showed Doan had bought a taxi ticket at 6.59am, while Siti Aisyah met a man at a restaurant near the klia2 departure hall at 8.14am and she was handed a taxi ticket.

When the videos were played in the courtroom, the two accused appeared calm.

Deputy public prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin suggested that the judge, the prosecutors and the defence lawyers visit klia2 to see for themselves the layout as shown in the videos.

Judge Azmi Ariffin and the defence legal teams agreed to the suggestion.

The court fixed Oct 24 to visit klia2.

 Oct 10: Day 6

Azirul testified that Doan was captured on CCTV wiping a liquid on the face of an airport visitor two days before the murder.

According to him, Doan was seen in the video approaching the visitor from behind and, after smearing the liquid on his face, she bowed her head and clasped her hands in an apparent gesture of apology.

She then took a few steps backwards before leaving the spot.

Azirul described the action as a rehearsal to the murder, but this was immediately objected to by Doan’s lawyer Hisham Teh Poh Teik.

Earlier, eighth prosecution witness Dr S Raja, head chemist of the Chemistry Department’s Chemical Weapon Analysis Centre, told the court that the level of VX nerve agent dosage found on Jong-nam’s skin was about 1.4 times the lethal dosage.

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