Man Who Insulted Islam Has History of Offensive Posts

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Long list of odd behavior emerges.

  • Described as a loner, introvert
  • Never had any friends in school or in the village
  • Kept to himself, did not mix with people, even relatives
  • Would sit under his desk and not on his chair at school
  • No interest in studying, would not mix with classmates, dropped out of school
  • Never had a job, never bothered to look for one
  • Everyday spent all his time locked in his room with his computer and smartphone
  • Only came out of his room for food and to use the toilet
  • Flew into bouts of rage, attacked his mother, smashed things at home, refused to go to hospital
  • Furious relatives lodged police report against him for posting insults against a relative who died in December

Alister Cogia, handcuffed to a prison warden, was taken to the Kota Sentosa hospital this afternoon after the Kuching High Court earlier today ordered that he be sent for psychiatric evaluation.


He was earlier found guilty of insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad on his Facebook page, which earned him a 10-year jail sentence and an RM50,000 fine.

But a relative told The Malaysian Insight this was not Cogia’s only brush with the law. He had even posted insults against a relative who had died in December. Furious relatives lodged a police report against him.

Cogia’s uncle, Waddle Rumen, told The Malaysian Insight that after holding him for 24 hours, police released him with the advice that he be sent to the Kota Sentosa hospital for a check-up. The case was then classified as “no further action”.

“During questioning, police found that there was something wrong with my nephew,” said Rumen.

Cogia, a 22-year-old from Kg Segong, a former gold mining district in Bau, was described by his uncle as a loner and an introvert.

“He never had any friends in school. He never had any in the kampung too,” said Rumen.

“He kept to himself. He did not mix with people, even relatives.

“When he was in Form 1, I was told by my sister-in-law (Alister’s mother, Alen Rijod) that when he went to school, he would sit under his desk, not on his chair.”

Cogia had no interest in studying and would not mix with his classmates. He then dropped out of school.

From that day on until his arrest on March 3, Rumen said Cogia spent all his time locked up in his room with his computer and smartphone.

“In the nine years since he left school and until his arrest, he never bothered looking for a job. He never had one.

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