Maszlee: Najib Must Answer on RM39.7M ‘Allocation’ for Tamil Schools

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Maszlee questions Najib on missing funds promised to Tamil schools.

Education Minister Maszlee Malik once again hit out at Najib Abdul Razak over allocations for Tamil schools in the country.

Maszlee said the former prime minister must account for the mysterious RM39.7 million ‘allocation’ for 13 Tamil schools which was promised by the BN government without the approval of the cabinet.

“He has been questioned on the amount given to the Tamil schools and where the money has gone to during his tenure as the prime minister.

“So just answer the question instead of changing the topic,” he told reporters when presenting McDonald’s Malaysia Back to School packs in Kuala Lumpur today.

On Oct 26, Malaysiakini reported that checks by the Education Ministry and the Finance Ministry found no such funds were approved, though this was announced to the schools before the 14th general election on May 9.

The matter was raised by the Malaysian Tamil School Governors Board of Council (Mast) after failing to receive the provision until today.

Yesterday, Najib uploaded a post on Facebook taking a jibe at Maszlee following his statement in Parliament that the cost of education in Malaysia was “almost free” and the government would maintain university fees.

Maszlee responded on Facebook today saying that free education would have been possible if the leader had not used the people’s money to buy luxury items for his wife and family.

Meanwhile, on the former prime minister’s recent interview on Al Jazeera, Maszlee said Najib should have acted more professionally instead of walking out of the interview.

At the presentation ceremony today Maszlee also called on the private sector to play their part in contributing to educational development in the country.

He said the Education Ministry emphasised public-private partnership (PPP) with the involvement of the community, private and public sectors through mutual agreement and smart partnership.

Some 17,000 urban poor children nationwide have benefited from the ‘Back to school’ programme organised by McDonald’s Malaysia and Ronald McDonald House Charities with a sponsorship of RM1.7million.