No Justice for Punched Grab Driver

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The former national sportswoman who assaulted GrabCar driver Wayne Chow Wai Loon failed to turn up for a press conference today where both parties were supposed to make amends. 

Only Chow and his mother appeared at the public meeting mediated by social activist Kuan Chee Heng to put the matter to rest, Malaysiakini reported.

“Had our the roles been reversed and I was the one who assaulted her, I would not be here today. I would have been in jail,” a despondent Chow reportedly said.

Wayne Chow Wai Loon/Facebook

All he wanted was an apology and despite her no-show, the 22-year-old victim forgave his assailant.

He did express he was upset by his assailant’s no-show when he later wrote a short post on his Facebook page.

Chow alleged that he was punched in the eye by a passenger, who turned out to be a former player in the Malaysian Women’s Futsal Team, after giving her and her mother a ride last Friday.

The athlete has since posted a handwritten apology on her Facebook page.

Chow said he would not pursue legal or criminal action against his assailant because it was too troublesome to do so. He had said he would drop the matter, albeit reluctantly, in one of three long posts regarding the incident on his Facebook page.

In conveying her appreciation to those who had offered to help her son, Chow’s mother said: “I would like to thank our friends and people who have shown their concern. It shows that there is hope in this world and there are people who value righteousness.”

Reportedly, Kuan urged Grab to investigate fairly conflicts between drivers and passengers.

“I think the most important thing is Grab must listen to both sides (of an argument).

“I feel that Grab does not really protect its drivers. From the feedback I’ve received, a lot of times, customers become very unreasonable.

“I hope after this incident, Grab can investigate and be fair to its drivers,” he was quoted as saying.

Wayne Chow Wai Loon/Facebook

He also urged ride-sharing passengers to be courteous and respectful to drivers.

“They are not trying to get rich (by driving). They are just trying to make a living,” Kuan added.

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