Passionate War Cries from Umno’s Top Guns Ahead of GE14

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The Umno general assembly has seen much rhetoric. Its top leaders have spoken.

Here’s a look at the most feisty parts of the speeches by Umno’s two top leaders.


Extracts of the speech by Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak:

I am confident and fully believe that Umno will continue to be constant and vibrant, to live to lead, not only for the next 30 years, in fact, God willing, for the next 1,000 years!

Are we all ready for battle? Are we ready? Are we ready?

We seek God’s help to save the Malay bumiputeras from any disaster.

It’s important that from now on, the Torch of ‘Battle’ cannot be allowed to be extinguished. The (election) fever will have to be nursed until we have gained a major victory in the 14th general election, God willing.

In the battle this time, the Father of All Elections, we will battle, fight to the end.


God is Great! God is Great! God is Great!

It is important not only to Malay Bumiputeras, Umno and Barisan Nasional, the stability as well as the sovereignty of the country, the future of Islam, but most important of all, for the fate of our future generations, so as not to be impoverished and marginalised in our own land.

Please know that this election will put us at a decisive and monumental juncture because the choice is in our hands, that will decide the fate of this nation.

Clearly, this is not a game, the risks are very serious and there will be no more bargaining.

We cannot even imagine the nightmare and bad luck that will befall us.

Firstly, are we willing to allow Islam and Islamic teachings be ridiculed and insulted in this country?

Secondly, will we have the heart to see the Monarchy Institution to be shown disrespect, or to suffer treason, while Malay and Bumiputera institutions of pride, such as MARA, Felda, Tabung Haji, be marginalised?

Similarly, UiTM, the institution of pride for Bumiputera UMNO, will suffer the same fate and will definitely be sabotaged from achieving its objectives if the opposition were to rule the country.

Furthermore, should the opposition take over power, the civil servants who have been the backbone of the Government all this while would very soon be reduced in number.

And, obviously, the opponents would trample on the special rights of Malay Bumiputeras as the native descendants of this country, and pawn away the position.

Worse still, the Bumiputeras will be cast aside, insulted and damned, and left destitute in our own country.


From there, let us think for a while. If Umno, Barisan Nasional and the country were to fall into the hands of the opposition, would we able to meet in this sacred hall again in the future?

Will we still hear the salutation of Salawat on our beloved Prophet Muhammad?

Will Umno’s anthem and patriotic songs be allowed to be played?

Will Umno’s flag continue to fly?

Can we hold back our tears when we are no longer able to gather like this in a big family as brothers and sisters of Umno?

At that time, when the children of our grandchildren asked why we failed and allowed all these to happen. The answer is, with a face of a million regrets and teary eyes, we could only say to them, “Forgive us, forgive us for our sins.”

Therefore, my fellow comrades, I call upon all of you, if we do not want all these to happen, solemnly vow and promise, be loyal and make a pledge, that let the lightning strike, let heaven and earth collide, until our last drop of blood, we will defend this government! This country must not fall into opponent’s hand!

Another thing which needs clarification in this context is that Umno is not a racist party. If it is, it will not be possible for it to be accepted to wisely lead other component parties of various races in Barisan Nasional for all these years.

I repeat, with firmness, Umno is not anti-Chinese.

In comparison, DAP has been dominated over the past 50 years by its Advisor and a dynasty of children.

I have not yet come to the party of the ‘Bunga Raya’, long ago referred to as ‘Kembang Sepatu’, a party now led by a former UMNO leader and a former statesman.

Sorry to say, but we also do not see the values that the Bunga Raya party is trying to promote. They say they want to fight for the Malays and Islam but they are working with and clearly being used as a tool by the DAP, a party that had been anti-Malay and anti-Islam. In the DAP constitution, there is no mention of Islam as the federal religion; in fact, their objective is to make the country fully secular.

As for Mahathir, it was on this stage that he reminded us that Malays forget easily, but as for us, this man has crossed the line when he is ready to work with his political adversaries and foes in principle of scores of years, and it is only to fulfil his personal and family agenda.



Speaking about GST, it was proven effective in saving our economy because without the collection of RM41 billion from the GST, how can the country cover the expenses needed for the people?

During the massive floods in Penang on Nov 5 this year, Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister, pleaded for help crying as he telephoned YAB Deputy Prime Minister asking for aid, saying ‘Save Penang…save Penang’.

Not only did it not support Budget 2018, it also rejected the aid under the budget extended by the federal government. And, it was they who had pleaded and made the request.

After that, the Deputy Prime Minister and I went to Penang. The federal government was blamed for not giving aid during the floods.

A former UMNO president who is now the main leader of an opposition party is still trapped in the thinking of the colonialists, so much so that he is willing to discredit the descendants of the Bugis.

How low is this kind of mentality? Umno celebrates ethnic diversity and the Malays. We have even recognised the ‘Mamak Malabari’ of Kerala as Malays, and we have not asked for them to return to their home country.

In the case of the other person, I visited him in the hospital as he was unwell, and because we are old friends. I only made a visit, which is why I brought my wife along.


But our sincerity was misunderstood. He was sarcastic in his poem. Listen to his reply: ‘…we will fight in the election.

This war, we will battle all out!

We will definitely win this election!

And we will definitely defend Putrajaya!

Extracts of the speech by Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi:

Umno shall not lose!

BN shall not be defeated!

We shall not allow Putrajaya to change hands!


God willing, Putrajaya will continue to belong to us, to Umno, to Barisan Nasional.

The action of some who seditiously incite the people with the slogans “Sabah for Sabah” and “Sarawak for Sarawak” is against the spirit of the Federal Constitution. It is this playing with fire that may lead to anarchy and national instability which needs to be eliminated.

Let us not reach the point where we suffer due to the intervention of foreign ploys and incitement. I want to remind myself and all of you that this is a serious crime. These instigators can be severely punished. Nobody is above the law. We will not allow this to happen.

These things happen when there are leaders who are bankrupt of ideas and souls. Because of their political lust and greed, serving these puppeteers, they are willing to be pawns on a chessboard.

In this coming general election, we have set big goals. We do not want a win with the first-past-the-post system. We want to command two-thirds of the Parliamentary seats and state assembly seats with an even bigger majority.

We must win big in the upcoming general election.

Feel the passion in lusty rallying cries, emotional pleas and feisty jabs.

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