Perak Opposition Leader Claims DAP Exco Behind Alleged Plot to Topple MB

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Perak Opposition Leader Datuk Saarani Mohamad today in the state assembly accused a DAP state executive councillor of being responsible in the move to oust Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu as mentri besar (MB).

“Go and ask Tebing Tinggi assemblyman (Abdul Aziz Bari – DAP) whether he is the one who approached five Umno assemblymen to remove mentri besar,” he said when winding up his budget speech at the state assembly in Ipoh.

Saarani was replying to a question from Sungai Manik assemblyman Datuk Zainol Fadzi Paharudin, who challenged Saarani to reveal the name of the exco behind the plot in the assembly or outside.

Aziz Bari was not in the hall when the allegation was made.

The Kota Tampan assemblyman also claimed that the exco member concerned had met the five Umno assemblymen at different locations in the state and also in Kuala Lumpur between November 2 and December 1.

“The assemblymen has the evidence to prove that the exco member has met them,” he added.

“The exco member also told the assemblymen to support him. He also said Ahmad Faizal is not qualified to be a mentri besar as he doesn’t have a certificate or degree,” said Saarani.

Recently, Saarani said that there was a possibility that state elections may be held due to an impending vote of no-confidence against Ahmad Faizal.

However, Ahmad Faizal had dismissed talk of any ‘coup’ against him, but Saarani remained adamant that there are moves to topple him.

Responding to Saarani’s allegation, Abdul Aziz has denied he is the state executive councillor out to topple the mentri besar.

He said the Saarani can be considered as having lied about the matter if Ahmad Faizal still remains the mentri besar until Wednesday (Dec 5), which is the last day of the state assembly sitting.

“He said I am planning for a vote of no confidence against the mentri besar. For a vote of no confidence, one needs a solid 30 votes, and we in DAP are only 18.


“It is impossible for one person to move the motion, as to do so, a resolution is needed from the Pakatan Harapan leadership,” he told a press conference on the sidelines of the state assembly sitting on Tuesday (Dec 4).

Abdul Aziz was commenting on Saarani’s hint earlier about the state executive councillor allegedly involved in the plot to oust the mentri besar.

“I think Saarani is ‘dizzy’ because all the parties in Pakatan have denied such a move, and this is just his cheap political gossip tactics,” he said.

On allegations of meetings with Umno assemblymen, Abdul Aziz said, of course, he meets them for normal chit-chat, and some of them also visit him at his office to discuss constituency matters.

He said that does not mean plans to topple the state government.

Abdul Aziz said his conscience was clear, and he had nothing to hide.

On whether he had met Ahmad Faizal over the matter, Abdul Aziz said four months ago, he had told the mentri besar that he was not here to bring him down.

He said because if that happens, then all of them would go down as well.

Ahmad Faizal told reporters later that he would leave it to the Pakatan presidential council to discuss and take action over Saarani’s revelation.

He said as for the state Pakatan, he as the chairman, would not be taking any action for now.

When asked if he had sought an explanation from Abdul Aziz over the matter, the mentri besar said:


“I have not asked Aziz Bari as yet. If any of my exco members do not follow party rules, I will ask them why, but for now, nothing like that has happened.”