PH Not Behind Belly Dancing Event, Fake Poster Goes Viral

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A controversial belly dance performed during a recent Tabung Harapan Malaysia fundraiser was not arranged by Pakatan Harapan (PH) or the Selangor government, said PKR’s Sungai Kandis candidate Zawawi Ahmad Mughni.

Fending off claims that PH was promoting values incompatible with Islam and Malay norms, he also said he personally disagreed with the performance.

“The programme was not organised by us so I view the dance as contradictory to the culture that we are trying to inculcate. It is against both our cultural and religious principles.

“I disagree with what transpired and I have advised the organiser to be more sensitive to Malay and Islamic values,” he told a press conference at PKR operations centre today.

Umno’s Datuk Lokman Noor Adam who is also contesting in the by-election had shared a short video clip of the belly dance on his social media account yesterday and challenged his rival to state his stand on the belly dance, claiming it was organised by the PH coalition on July 25 to raise funds for Tabung Harapan.

Agaknya apa pendirian Ustaz Zawawi terhadap keputusan Pakatan Harapan memanggil tarian gelek LGBT untuk mengutip derma bagi Tabung Harapan ya? Mampukah seorang ADUN Pakatan Harapan menyanggah Perdana Menteri atau Timbalannya? Jika tidak, serahkan tugas itu kepada Pembangkang dengan mengundi Barisan Nasional 4/8/2018

Publiée par Lokman Noor Adam sur Mercredi 25 juillet 2018

The clip was captioned: “What would Ustaz Zawawi’s stand be over Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) decision to invite LGBT dancers to collect donations for Tabung Harapan?

“Can a PH assemblyman go against the prime minister or his deputy? If not, leave the duty to the opposition by voting for Barisan Nasional.”

The 15-second video that has since spread over the Internet show a few skimpily-dressed women dancing.

A poster with Zawawi’s image with a screencaptured image of the belly dance in the background was later spotted on the campaign trail.

The poster was captioned: “It is not haram if it is for good intention.”

It is unknown who created the poster and put it up in public.

In response, Zawawi has labelled the image fake and called on parties to practise healthy and clean politics that do not merely poison the minds of the people.

“Do not produce fake graphics (and make statements) to make people believe the remarks to garner votes,” he said.

Zawawi called on the rakyat, especially the Islamic community, to hold on to the principle of “tabayun“, which means to double check news or any information received.

“Always check if the news you receive is true or not. Do not take things at face value. “We must remember that fitnah (slander) is more dangerous and can bring greater harm than killing someone. I advise (all) to think of Allah and be God-fearing,” he added.

Zawawi said he will not take legal action against those responsible for making the false accusations, since he has clarified the matter.

“I strongly condemn this. We will issue a statement to deny my involvement in this. Besides, my video clarifying the matter has also been circulated.

“We did not know about this (Tabung Harapan fundraising dinner). Suddenly, the video was uploaded.

“(Lokman’s) friends would have been there at the event from the start. He is a kaki gelek. We have never gone to such places,” he added

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