Pos Laju Staff Caught Tossing Parcels

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Pos Malaysia Berhad has launched an internal investigation and issued stern warnings to the staff of its courier arm Pos Laju who were seen throwing parcels into a cage trolley in a video that has gone viral.

“We want to assure you, our customers and stakeholders, that this is not reflective of who we are, or of our values at Pos Malaysia,” it said in a statement on Tuesday (May 29) night.

Pos Laju couriers were caught on video tossing packages and parcels into a cage trolley before the mail was sorted at the Sungai Petani branch in Kedah.

#1News Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) telah menjalankan siasatan dalaman menyeluruh berkaitan video tular kakitangan Pos Laju melempar bungkusan.Kejadian itu dirakam oleh pelanggan di Pos Laju cawangan Sungai Petani, Kedah.Pos Malaysia mendakwa kejadian tersebut adalah terpencil dan amaran keras telah diberikan terhadap kakitangan berkenaan.Malah Pos Malaysia berpegang teguh kepada prosedur kerja yang dinamik dan tidak akan berkompromi dengan mutu kerja yang sambil lewa.

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Pos Malaysia called the incident an “isolated” one and assured customers that it has always enforced strict standard operating procedures and codes of conduct.

“However, in this unfortunate circumstance, we apologise for where we were not perfect and did not live up to your expectations.

“We know that we carry a huge responsibility for the nation and we strive to live up to these standards of the highest order,” it added.

Pos Malaysia said that it will have regular checks in the future to ensure proper work processes are practised.

“We will launch internal engagements to understand how we can further improve our processes and adherence to our service delivery standards,” it said. – The Star