Prisons Dept Denies Claims Cradle CEO’s Widow Held in Dark Room

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The Malaysian Prisons Department yesterday denied claims by lawyer Tan Sri Dr Muhammad Shafee Abdullah that his client, Samirah Muzaffar, the widow of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Nazrin Hassan, has been detained in a dark and isolated room.

The department’s prison policy director Datuk Nordin Muhamad said Samirah was placed alone in the room next to that of the officer on duty at the Kajang Women’s Prison.

“(Samirah’s placement in the room) is based on the category and control requirements in line with the categorisation of prisoners under the Prison Rules 2000.

“Checks by the Prison Headquarters also found no damage to the lights in the room the nominee (Samirah) has been placed in,” he said in a statement yesterday.

On Tuesday, Samirah, 44, and two boys aged 17 and 14, pleaded not guilty in the Shah Alam High Court on the charge of killing Nazrin in June last year.


He added that prisons in Malaysia did not have dark rooms, and all rooms or cells had windows with iron bars to allow light and air into the room.


“The rooms and cells are suitable in terms of floor size, ventilation and lighting as well as facilities provided.

“This includes checks and confirmation that a particular room or cell is fit for use by medical officers before it can be used,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nordin said Samirah had never submitted any request for a notebook and pencil.

“The nominee (Samirah) as a person who has just been remanded also admitted to being a little confused over the rules of stationery in the prison, and an explanation was provided to her.

“The nominee was then provided with stationery for writing under the supervision of prison officials,” he said.

Nordin said the department always strived to meet the needs of the prisoners, and at the same time, encouraged prisoners to always comply with laws and regulations.

Muhammad Shafee previously filed a complaint that his client had been placed in a dark and isolated room at the Kajang Prison and was not given a pencil and notebook to make notes regarding the case.

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