Rafizi Denies Link to Audio Clip on Fundraising Campaign for Guan Eng

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Former PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli has denied that the voice behind an audio clip circulating on the fundraising campaign for DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng is his.

“I’ve been getting messages asking to confirm a voice recording making comments about @guanenglim case that is going around,” Rafizi said on Twitter yesterday.

“That’s not me,” he stressed.

Rafizi, who retired from politics in December 2019, said he hasn’t commented anything on politics nor political figures since then and he has no plan to do so.

“My voice sounds slightly more deep-throat than that,” he said.

In the audio clip, a man is heard saying there was no need for Lim to take a bribe in the RM6.3 billion undersea tunnel project in Penang when DAP is able to raise millions in days to pay for his bail.

“Why the ‘F’ should Guan Eng be even bothering to ask for a bribe of RM3.3 million as they fitnah (slandered him) as he doesn’t even ask for money, he gets almost RM3 million.

“People give him money without he even asking or begging for it. So, does he need to request for bribes? Think about it,” said the unknown man.

On Aug 10, Lim claimed trial to the charge of using his position for personal gratification of up to RM3.3 million and on Friday before that, he was charged with soliciting bribes in connection with the same mega infrastructure project.

He also charged with gratification involving a workers’ quarters project in Batu Kawan.

DAP has raised RM2.9 million through a fundraising campaign to help Lim pay the bail sum. – Malaysiakini