RM1.4M Payment: Rameli Breaks His Silence, Says He’s Victim of ‘Extreme Politics’

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Rameli Musa, who was implicated in the controversy surrounding the RM1.4 million settlement between PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, has broken his silence.

In written correspondence with Malaysiakini, the KTMB chairperson said he felt aggrieved over being questioned by the MACC and becoming the victim of “extreme politics.”

“My name was tarnished in the international arena, where I mainly make my livelihood,” he said.

“I pity those who spread slander and who can stop slander, but did not do it.

“I have kept mum all this while because the matter is still under MACC investigation.”

Rameli said this when asked to respond to a source close to him who told Malaysiakini that Hadi was initially unaware of the RM1.4 million payment made to settle the PAS president’s lawsuit against Rewcastle-Brown.

The source claimed that the matter was handled by five influential individuals within PAS, using Rameli as an intermediary, before Hadi or the party’s central committee got wind of it.

Rameli was questioned by the MACC over the matter early last month.

On March 7, Hadi denied allegations that he or his party had made payments to Rewcastle-Brown, contrary to a Sarawak Report article published six days earlier confirming the payment.

Asked to comment on meeting with Hadi’s representatives, Rameli refused to divulge details.

“I don’t want to comment much,” he said.

“I don’t really remember the dates (of the meetings) and how many times (these took place).”

Rameli added, without elaborating, that the country needs leaders with manners and integrity.

“There’s slander everywhere because the ones in the know pretend not to know, and the ones who do not know, do not want to know,” he said.

Hadi had sued Rewcastle-Brown after Sarawak Report claimed that several PAS leaders received RM90 million from Umno prior to the last general election.

The MACC has concluded its investigations into the case, with papers submitted to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for further action. – Malaysiakini