Social Worker Becomes Victim of Death Threat Scam

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A social worker who has been helping the victims of death threat scams was left in shock after he received a similar call yesterday.

  • Modus operandi of death threat scam:

– Caller says someone hired him to kill you

– Claims he has your personal details and picture

– Says he will not carry out the hit if you pay

– Gives bank account number to bank in money

– Promises to reveal who ordered the hit after payment is made

  • No need to fear or worry, be calm and careful
  • Make a police report over the matter

Cheng Ming Tat, 35, who is the Taman Perpaduan Kencana Rukun Tetangga Secretary said that he was aware of such scams, whereby victims received death threats unless they agreed to pay money to ensure their safety.

Cheng, who has been voluntarily helping such victims for the past five years, said that he received the call from an anonymous number at around 10.55am yesterday.

“The caller did not identify himself and told me that someone had hired him to kill me. 

Marcus Pheong

“I was completely baffled with his intention of killing me and asked him who hired him to kill me.

“However, he did not answer my question,” he told reporters at a press in Perak MCA Building, Ipoh, today.

Cheng, who has had experience in handling about 10 similar cases previously, said the caller claimed that he has his personal details together with his picture.

“However, after threatening me, the caller told me that he felt pity for me as I sound like a like good person to him.

“He said he would not kill me if I’m willing to pay him RM1,000. I requested for his account number and he sent me the details via an SMS minutes later,” said Cheng who is also Bercham Resident Representative Committee Member.

Cheng said the scammer sent a bank account number was under a person called Chan Kok Chai.

“The caller then called me again and told me that I have to bank in the money by 12pm and inform him once complete the transaction.

“He said he would reveal the person who hired him after I bank in the money.

“I requested to meet him, but he refused as he said his ‘boss’ is angry,” said Cheng who is also a tuition teacher.

Cheng said the scammer called him for about 10 times within a two hour period.

Cheng said he made a police report over the matter on the same day as he was worried about the threat and he also wanted the public to be aware of it.

“The police officer sent a message to the scammer to not threaten me and they tried calling him, but his phone was switched off.

“I did not receive any calls from the scammer today,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ipoh Barat MCA Youth Chief Aldrich Low Guo Nan describes the method used by the scammer to extort money as “crazy”.

“I believe Cheng is not his first victim. These scammers are targeting victims who are scared and worried.

“I urge the public to be more careful and calm when dealing with such calls,” he said, adding victims should make a police report for their safety. – Malay Mail