Third Police Report Lodged Against Marzuki

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Marzuki’s academic transcript results exactly the same as website’s template.

Political activist Muhsin Abdul Latheef, who twice lodged a police report against Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Marzuki Yahya on allegations he lied about having a degree from Cambridge University, has repeated his call for the latter to resign from the government and party.

He has lodged a third police report earlier today following the revelation made by Marzuki who posted a pdf file of his degree certificate from Cambridge International University (CIU) based in the United States.


Dated May 16, 2005, the academic transcript bearing CIU’s logo, showed that Marzuki enrolled for a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in logistics management.

He took up nine courses with a total of “45 credits” under the study mode of “credit accumulation & transfer scheme”.

The subjects he took were Business Organization, Strategic Management, Logistics Management I and II, Stock Control Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Economics and Dissertation.

It stated that he finished the degree with a 3.3-grade point average (GPA).

Marzuki also shared a copy of his certificate from CIU, to clarify that he had graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics Management.

Since the controversy over his degree broke out, CIU’s website has been visited countless of times by members of the media, with various articles produced pointing out the oddities of this learning institution.

The website, however, appears to have been hacked and is no longer accessible.

Its cached view can still be accessed and under the university’s gallery section, there is a photo of an academic transcript belonging to one “Abraham Kensington”, possibly put up as an example of how their transcripts look like.

It does look similar to the one Marzuki shared, however, further scrutiny brought to light similarities that raise questions.

“Abraham Kensington” also took up nine courses and while the names of the courses are different from the ones Marzuki took, the order of both grades and grade points are exactly the same.

The transcript on the website listed the results of “Abraham Kensington” as: B (3.0), A- (3.7), B+ (3.3), B+ (3.3), B (3.0), A- (3.7), B (3.0), A (3.9) and B (3.0).

Marzuki’s results were exactly the same and in the exact same order.

Both recorded “45 credits” with “total credits” of 29.9 and a GPA of 3.3.

(L) Academic transcript furnished by Marzuki, (R) template transcript from CIU’s website.

All other details on the transcript – namely the student ID, major, date issued, and course description – were different.

A different font was also used for the text while the signature on Marzuki’s transcript is not as smooth as the one on the template.

Questioning the authenticity of the degree, Muhsin pointed out that it was a one-paged certificate whereas a degree student would have usually several pages of transcript printed according to the semesters.

“Furthermore, a lawyer, Shamsher Singh Thind has reportedly emailed the university seeking for confirmation if Marzuki was a student, and they confirmed it.

“However, in the transcript, it clearly mentioned no details will be shared without written consent from the student.

“So has Marzuki written so that Shamsher can get it? How on earth a person not related to him can simply get such key details?” he said, after lodging the police report at Northeast District Police Headquarters today.

Muhsin again called Marzuki to show the convocation photograph and also share the thesis title he did for his degree studies for reference, as proof that he actually studied at the institution.

He said the latest revelation by Marzuki himself is clear proof that it was a bogus university producing fake certificates.

“It is nothing but lies. Now Marzuki has become a liability to the government and the party. He must step down.

“I think this is the first time ever Tun Dr Mahathir (Mohamed) was cheated by anybody. I hope he realises this and takes the necessary action,” he added.

Previously, Muhsin had made two police reports against Marzuki for allegedly possessing a fake degree qualification.

MCA president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong has also questioned the authenticity of Marzuki’s CIU transcript.

On his Facebook page last night, Wee said there are three possibilities why Marzuki scored exactly the same results as in the template transcript.

“Possibility 1: This is an extraordinary coincidence. Even harder to find than us winning the first prize in Sports Toto. 

Possibility 2: University which has long been in doubt by many, sends the same results to all “graduates” who pay fees.

Possibility 3: Bro, how long did it take to copy/paste/edit?” Wee said.

Marzuki, in sharing proof of the degree he obtained at CIU, also issued a statement in which he said that it was never his intention to give off the impression that he had studied at the prestigious University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

“Honestly, it was never my intention to use my academic qualification to confuse anyone,” Marzuki said, adding that he had only taken up the degree to gain knowledge.

He remarked that at the time, he did not expect he would one day be part of the ruling government.


“I hope my explanation will answer all confusion. I also leave my position as deputy foreign minister and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) secretary-general to the Prime Minister and party leadership,” he said.

Delving further on his academic journey with CIU which began in 2002 and ended in 2005, Marzuki explained that it was long-distance learning.

“At the time I was working as the CEO of my logistics and shipping company in Penang.

“Honestly, my intention at the time was to gain more contemporary and current knowledge on the logistics and shipping industry in developed countries, including the United States of America. It was my hope that the knowledge I would acquire would help me expand and further develop my shipping company,” Marzuki said.

“During the course of my studies, I completed all the assignments for the subjects I took as required by the university,” Marzuki said.

Commenting on CIU’s lack of accreditation, Marzuki said when he took the course in 2002 the topic of universities being accredited was not widely discussed.

“In fact, at the time, there was no notable and organised university ranking system like we have today. There was also no list of ‘bogus universities’ at the time.

“Therefore, when I found out about the courses offered by CIU, which was related to the field I was in, I registered without due consideration on the accreditation,” he said.

With regard to the Wikipedia entry that had stated he holds a degree from the University of Cambridge, Marzuki said anyone could make edits to a Wikipedia page.

“Honestly I have never included any information about my education on Wikipedia. I also did not direct anyone to do so,” he said.

His Wikipedia page has since been edited and it no longer states that he studied at the University of Cambridge.

Previously, a Bernama article on his appointment as a senator stated that he had graduated from the UK institution.

There was no attempt to correct the information at the time, either by Marzuki or his office.

Meanwhile, Johor Umno Youth has urged Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Osman Sapian to show proof of his education credentials or resign from his post if allegations that he lied about it are true.

“How can someone lie about their academic qualifications and ask the rakyat to respect them as a leader with credibility?” its information chief Johan Azam Mohd Yasin said in a statement on Saturday (Feb 9).

“Johor Umno Youth urges Osman to clear his name over the allegations by showing his original degree obtained from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).”

When contacted, Osman refused to be drawn into the issue, saying he did not want to get involved in the matter.

When pressed it the allegations were affecting his image as Mentri Besar, Osman just said, “It’s OK, even Datuk Marzuki was hit by it.”

Facebook page Ops Johor had questioned Osman’s educational qualification and alleged tht he had not obtained a degree from UPM.

The administrators of Ops Johor had uploaded a screenshot of a web search for Osman’s name on the UPM portal with no results.

The Johor government portal states that Osman obtained a certificate in accounts from Metro Manila College in the Philippines in 1985, as well as a diploma and degree in accounts from UPM. It did not mention the year when the diploma and degree from UPM were awarded.

It was previously reported that another Pakatan Harapan politician, Perak state executive councillor Paul Yong Choo Kiong, was questioned over his education. The Tronoh assemblyman’s MBA came from Akamai University, which was also dubbed a dubious “university” suspected to be a degree mill.

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