Wee Claims to Have More Dirt on RM99M Tourism Malaysia Contract

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The former Tourism Malaysia chairman tells of conflict of interest in a contract awarded to a company with links to the agency’s current chairman.

Former Tourism Malaysia chairman Wee Choo Keong says he has uncovered more “red flags” in relation to an RM99 million contract given by the government agency to a local company identified as Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd, which was allegedly approved and finalised within a single day.

He said Tourism Malaysia chairman Siew Ka Wai should resign, adding that the facts surrounding the deal which he called a “Speedy Gonzales contract” made his position untenable and affected the image of Tourism Malaysia.

“With all these possible conflicts of interests, the deal should have been rejected from the very start,” he said.

“I urge the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and auditor-general to investigate this deal in the interests of the people.”

Wee had previously raised concerns over the promotion contract, saying it was given under “dubious” circumstances.

Speaking to FMT, Wee said he had evidence to show conflicts of interest.

He said the local company was incorporated less than five months before it was given the Tourism Malaysia contract, and consisted of shareholders including its CEO and the tourism ministry’s co-operative, Kopema.

“Some of the top management of Tourism Malaysia are also part of Kopema. This itself is a very clear and direct conflict of interest, as its main office bearers are in the top management of Tourism Malaysia, which awarded the contract.”

He said the CEO of the company was a social media specialist at a media group owned by Siew.

As such, Wee said there was a need for “some clarification”, adding that “it just doesn’t look good”.

Wee said Siew was also linked to two companies which shared the same registered office as Geeko Tech.

Ashraf Shamsul/Sunpix

“But the address is that of a residential unit,” he said, adding that the residential address of the company’s CEO was next to the office “which bears no sign that it is an office”.

When contacted, Siew declined to comment on Wee’s latest claims as MACC was already investigating the matter.

“The MACC is authorised by the government to conduct investigations. Let them finish their investigations,” he said.

Tourism Malaysia has denied Wee’s allegations that the contract breached its procurement regulations. It also maintains that all documents signed for the digital marketing initiative were made in a clear and transparent manner, according to administrative procedures. – FMT

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