‘Datuk’ Harasses New Flame of Ex-Girlfriend

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Love-struck Datuk using strong-arm tactics to scare ex-lover’s current boyfriend to win back old flame.

Red paint splashed on the window, flyers saying “Liar, you didn’t pay your loan” scattered outside – all the signs point to the work of Ah Long (loan sharks).

Chew Shang Yang, however, believes that the vandalism at his pet grooming shop in Cheras last Friday was not the act of Ah Long.

This was not the first time his shop has been vandalised; there was a similar incident on Jan 9.

Chew, 39, who said he had never taken a loan from Ah Long, believed that the incidents were linked to his girlfriend’s ex-lover, a ‘Datuk’ who claimed to have been with the woman for 16 years.

“I cannot simply accuse him, but I keep wondering who else would do this. I don’t have any enemies,” said Chew, who has sought the assistance of MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

Chew told a press conference at Wisma MCA here yesterday that he had been with his girlfriend since June, and the threats started in November when three men approached him in the car park near his shop.

“They had photos to prove that they had trailed us,” he said, adding that the men even had his parents’ home address.

“They passed me a phone and the Datuk, who was on the line, said, ‘You better let go. If you are not here it is easier for me to woo her back.’

“The men also told me to lepaskan tangan (let go).”

They told him they had managed to intimidate another man the woman dated in the past, he added.

Chew said he cared deeply for his girlfriend and wanted to be with her. “She has ended the relationship with the Datuk and returned the gifts he gave her,” he said.

Chew said he was mentally exhausted from worrying about his safety.

“I understand their relationship lasted 16 years and it is hard to let go, but don’t treat people like this.

“It is quite scary for me,” he said, adding that he came forward as he wanted to be left in peace.

He said the one saving grace was that his girlfriend was never threatened.

Chong said vandalism without demands was not the modus operandi of loan sharks.

“Ah Long would have contacted him first to ask for the money,” said Chong, who has experience dealing with complaints about Ah Long.

“Today we are hearing a story of what jealousy can do,” he said, hoping the ex-boyfriend would stop threatening Chew as there was no justification for his actions. – The Star