Nga Chides, Demands Apology from KJ for Calling Him “Taliban” in Dewan Rakyat

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Khairy Jamaluddin in hot water after calling Deputy Speaker Nga Kor Ming “Taliban”.

Although the Rembau MP retracted usage of the word, Nga said he had behaved in an “ill-mannered way”.

“In defence of the dignity of the institution of Parliament, Khairy must apologise immediately,” Nga said in a media statement on Thursday (March 28).

“Even though he was forced to comply with the speaker’s instruction to retract the ‘Taliban’ accusation, his inappropriate action had tarnished the august image of the Dewan Rakyat.

“This is the first time in the history of Parliament where an MP had been so insolent to call the speaker ‘Taliban’.

“In defence of the dignity of the parliamentary institution, Khairy should immediately apologise. Failure to do so would reflect on his character as an MP, and Rembau voters should reprimand him for his inappropriate action,” his statement read.

Khairy uttered the word when Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng was responding to his question during Parliament’s Question Time.

Khairy said that there was no such allowance given, although Pakatan had pledged RM100 for each bachelor after the Semenyih by-election.

“After the Rantau by-election, will the Government increase it to RM450 as done by Barisan Nasional?” Khairy asked.

However, before Lim could respond, Nga interjected and requested Khairy to repeat his question.

“Do you have a problem comprehending, Taliban?” Khairy responded.

This caused an uproar among several Pakatan lawmakers.

An irate Nga immediately ordered the remark to be retracted, which Khairy subsequently did, but not without continuing to ridicule the deputy speaker’s level of comprehension.

“I retract – do you have a comprehension problem, speaker?” he said.

Khairy appeared to be referring to Nga’s remark at an event in Taiping, where he claimed that Malaysia could turn into a Taliban state were an Umno-PAS alliance to come into power.

Although Nga made the remark in his capacity as Teluk Intan MP, the fallout was also felt within the walls of the Dewan.

Opposition leaders had threatened to hold a rally if Nga did not apologise for the ‘Taliban’ remark, but the DAP lawmaker has since refused to give in.

Former minister Zaid Ibrahim, meanwhile, lamented the lack of action against Khairy.

“Khairy mocks and ridicules the chair, a serious breach of parliamentary rules, and nothing happens to him. 

“Had it been someone unknown, he would have been thrown out. This is symptomatic of our country – severity of punishment depends on your station in life,” he said.

On March 19, Nga suspended Tan Sri Noh Omar for three days, after the Tanjung Karang MP accused him in Parliament of not being fit to sit as Speaker, after he had used the term “taliban” to describe the Umno-PAS collaboration.