Nur Sajat’s Telekung Controversy in Mecca

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His identity card says he’s a man and biologically he is a man, says Mujahid.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mujahid Yusof Rawa expressed disappointment with local entrepreneur Muhammad Sajad Kamaruzzaman or Nur Sajat who recently appeared in female prayer attire (telekung) in Makkah.

Mujahid said the actions of Sajat and his friends in the Holy Land had tarnished the image of Islam.

“His IC (identity card) says he’s a man and biologically he is a man…and he wanted to go Mecca. I was made to understand that everything was fine during the flight and he was properly dressed in male attire, but when in Mecca, he put on the ‘telekung’.


“I truly regret his actions…even more so when he uploaded photos (of himself wearing the ‘telekung’) on Instagram like nothing’s wrong,” he told the media in Putrajaya today.

The postings were then shared on other social media platforms and went viral, with Sajat’s Instagram now set for private view.

Commenting on this, Mujahid said he received many complaints from pilgrims and those who witnessed Sajat, dressed in female prayer attire, mingling in the female prayer section.

“This led to some feeling uncomfortable, from the various complaints I received from pilgrims and those who saw what happened, they were not happy, Sajat trespassed into a space meant for women by dressing like a woman.

“This tarnishes the image of Islam and I am disappointed with what happened. I am still waiting for a report because I was made to understand Sajat is still in Makkah, and has yet to return,” he said.

Meanwhile, in another update, the tour group tasked with managing Sajat’s visit to Makkah, informed that Sajat’s group had been taken out of Makkah and currently taken on a visit around Madinah.

“We have already asked the mutawwif to take Nur Sajat’s group of 10 out of Makkah.

“They have been taken on a visit around Madinah.

“Presently it is difficult to get Nur Sajat’s cooperation, instead discussions are mostly done through the personal assistant,” a spokesperson for the travel company Albayt Travel (M) Sdn Bhd said.

Albayt Travel also wants Nur Sajat to issue an open apology following the controversy that was caused by the videos shared on the entrepreneur’s social media account.

“For now, Nur Sajat only asked to wait until she returns to Malaysia. Our side, especially the mutawwif tried to get in touch with Nur Sajat’s parents, because only close family members would know the actual situation on the gender issue.

“However, the parents are also proving to be difficult to engage in a discussion,” the spokesperson remarked.

On allegations that Sajat was arrested by Saudi police, the spokesperson said the Malaysian Embassy has yet to confirm this.

It is learned that the Federal Territory Mufti Office is meeting with the National Registration Department (JPN) to obtain further information on the entrepreneur’s gender.


Asked if Sajat’s action would affect Malaysia’s haj quota, Mujahid said he was confident it wouldn’t as what happened was a personal matter.

However, he said he would have a meeting with the travel agency involved to ensure something like this would not repeat in the future.