Bruce Lee’s Daughter Unhappy with Quentin Tarantino’s Film Depiction of Father

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The daughter of martial arts great Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee has given Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – the thumbs down for the mocking depiction of her father.

Oriental Daily reported that Shannon, who had watched the film said that the film’s depiction of her father was inaccurate.

“In the film, he became an arrogant and eloquent villain. It was hard for me to be sitting in the cinema and listening to the viewers laughing at my father,” she said.

Shannon also said her father was portrayed as one who likes to pick fights when in actual fact, Bruce would often be challenged but he would avoid fighting.


“He is not that sort of person,” said Shannon of her father in the film, adding that Tarantino did not get in touch with her prior to shooting the film.

In the same article, Matthew Polly, the author of Bruce’s biography Bruce Lee: A Life agreed with Shannon and said the film had misrepresented Bruce.

In the film, Bruce had said he would be able to beat boxer Muhammad Ali into a pulp.

This was however shot down by Polly as Bruce was said to have high regards for Muhammad and had never said such things during his lifetime. – MMO