KL-Bound MH134 Forced to Turn Back to Brisbane

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A Malaysia Airlines flight from Brisbane bound for Kuala Lumpur was forced to perform an air turn back after encountering a technical issue.

In a statement Thursday (July 19), Malaysia Airlines confirmed that Flight MH134 made a turn back after departing from the Brisbane International Airport at 11.18pm on Wednesday (July 19).

Details of the technical issue were not provided.

“The safety of all passengers and crew on board is of paramount importance at all times and the captain in charge made the decision to return to Brisbane,” said airline.

The flight, which was scheduled to arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 5.50am on Thursday, landed safely at the Brisbane Airport at 12.34am.

“The aircraft is currently undergoing technical inspection and rectification,” said Malaysia Airlines.

It said hotel accommodation, meals and transportation have been organised for all passengers.

“The airline is also working hard to ensure passengers are transferred to their destinations within a reasonable timeframe.“

Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets the inconvenience to our passengers and this unexpected disruption to their travel plans,” it added.

A Malaysian travelling on MH134 sent a text message to an editor at The Star on Wednesday night (July 18), revealing that the captain announced the need to return to Brisbane Airport due to technical issues about 40 minutes into the flight.

However, the captain did not provide details of the problem.

According to the source, passengers on the flight experienced a rough landing and the aircraft suddenly came to a stop on the runway.

In a post-landing announcement, the captain said the aircraft was unable to taxi on its own and was waiting to be towed to the terminal.

He also explained that the plane could not be towed because the landing gear door was opened.

According to the source, passengers remained calm and almost all of them were seen texting their family and friends about the incident.

As of 11.32pm Malaysian time on Wednesday, in-flight entertainment was stopped and the aircraft remained on the runway.

Staff confirmed to the Malaysian passenger that Brisbane Airport was closed to take-off and landings while the aircraft was on the runway.

At 12.12am on Thursday (Malaysian time), he said that the plane was towed to the terminal. – The Star