MAS Unveils Flexible Economy Class Fare

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Moving away from traditional “one-size-fits-all” fare.

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has implemented its new Horizontal Fare Family plan for domestic flights that gives economy class passengers the flexibility to select a combination of fares and services.

In allowing these passengers to customise their journey according to their individual needs since April 8, the national carrier has moved away from the traditional “one-size-fits-all” fare.

These new options, which allow passengers to only pay for what they need, are in response to consumer demand for a more personalised travel lifestyle, said Malaysia Airlines Group chief revenue officer Ignatius Ong.

The plan includes a lower fare for day-trippers without baggage while passengers with plenty of luggage will pay for extra baggage allowance. The bundles on the new fare structure also come with free in-flight entertainment and no credit card fee.

This new revision for MAS international flights (economy class), excludes Jeddah and Madi-nah, for which baggage allowance entitlement remains unchanged at 30kg.

“But there’s no increase in fare with the new revision of baggage options on international flights,” said Ong.

For Enrich members, baggage allowance entitlement differs – based on the ticket purchased. Enrich Platinum, Gold and Silver members with economy basic and economy flex on international flights are entitled to a total of 40kg, 30kg and 25kg of baggage allowances respectively.

Enrich Platinum, Gold and Silver members who fly economy within Malaysia will get baggage allowances of 20kg, 10kg and 5kg respectively.

“Gone are the traditional one-size-fits-all method with complex pricing, unclear choices and no differentiation.

“Customers now want choice and flexibility. We are confident that our new fare options will cater to this – whether you are a busy businessman on a day trip or a family of four balik kampung. These new options will allow customers to decide what they want rather than simply buy what an airline offers,” said Ong. – The Star