Malay Woman Comes Under Fire for Keeping Pet Dog


A boo-boo for Malay woman to keep “Bubu”, according to Jakim.

Jakim director-general Tan Sri Othman Mustapha posted a statement on his Facebook account page criticising a Malay woman over a video of her and her pet dog “Bubu”.

Calling her actions an affront to Islam, Othman said Muslims owning dogs and their needless contact with canines were “highly disturbing” as both were against Islamic teachings.

“Jakim deeply regrets her intentional act of touching dogs without any concrete reasons, which is prohibited in Islam.

“We find her actions to be highly disturbing to Muslims here as they contravene our culture and the tenets of our school of jurisprudence,” Othman said.

He added that while Islam allows Muslims to cleanse themselves after touching dogs, this did not mean they may adopt the animals as pets.

He compared the action to Muslims knowingly committing sins out of the ability to repent later.

“Therefore, Jakim hopes the individual will stop her actions and repent to Allah. Her actions suggest she is trying to start a new (deviant) culture that can subject Islam to ridicule and insults,” Othman said.

Muslims traditionally shun contact with dogs, which are considered “impure”. If they have done so, they must perform a ritual cleansing beyond the normal ablution before they may pray.

The video uploaded on Nurhanizah Abdul Rahman’s Facebook page on Jul 1 was in the participation of a contest by pet lovers group SmartHeart.

The video campaign requires pet owners to share their experiences with their pets to vie for the most votes. Those with the best stories are then chosen as winners.

In the footage, Nurhanizah speaks about how she encountered and eventually rescued the stray mongrel from a mass culling operation in 2015.

It is obvious that she and “Bubu” has developed a mutual affection for each other and there is much joy when they spend time together.

She is aware that fellow Malays do not like dogs but she is prepared to face the consequences.

In her touching story, she recounts how they reacted with dislike, scolding her in foul language and even throwing poisoned food and faeces into her house. But she says the animosity has taught her to be more patient with those who harbour such hate.

ISU ANJING PELIHARAAN DALAM FACEBOOKNURHANIZAH ABDUL RAHMANJakim telah mengenalpasti seorang individu bernama Nurhanizah Abdul Rahman yang telah memuatnaik dalam Facebook beliau pada 1 Julai 2017 jam 2.11 petang pengkisahan berkaitan anjing peliharaan beliau yang bernama Bubu. Jakim amat menyesali perbuatan memegang anjing secara sengaja begini tanpa sebarang sebab yang dibenarkan dalam Islam. Ini menimbulkan keresahan di kalangan umat Islam kerana ia bercanggah dengan pegangan mazhab dan ‘uruf/ adat di Malaysia. Menurut Mazhab Syafie, umat Islam adalah dilarang menyentuh anjing secara sengaja kerana menajiskan diri tanpa tujuan yang munasabah adalah haram di sisi Islam.Walaupun Islam meletakkan kaedah sertu apabila terkena najis yang dikategorikan sebagai ‘mughallazah’ namun kaedah tersebut bukanlah alasan untuk membolehkan seseorang itu memegang najis mughallazah secara sengaja. Tindakan tersebut samalah seperti orang yang sengaja melakukan dosa dengan alasan akan bertaubat kemudiannya.Justeru, Jakim berharap individu tersebut perlu segera memberhentikan perbuatan tersebut dan kembali bertaubat kepada Allah. Perbuatan sebegini dilihat seolah-olah beliau cuba mencipta budaya baru yang boleh membawa kepada perbuatan menghina agama Islam.Pada dasarnya Islam tidak memandang keji kepada binatang anjing sebagai salah satu makhluk Allah. Apatah lagi untuk menyeksa, memukul dan membunuh anjing tanpa sebab adalah sama sekali bertentangan dengan ajaran Islam.Walau bagaimanapun, dalam Mazhab Syafie, umat Islam tidak dibenarkan untuk menjadikan haiwan tersebut sebagai binatang peliharaan. Malahan Islam mewajibkan semua umatnya untuk memelihara kesucian diri, pakaian dan tempat tinggal agar ia tidak menjejaskan amal ibadah seharian.Bagi mencari jalan penyelesaian terhadap isu ini secara berhikmah demi kebaikan bersama, individu tersebut dinasihatkan agar dapat merujuk kepada pihak Jakim berkaitan hukum memelihara anjing.Sekian.TAN SRI DATO’ HAJI OTHMAN BIN MUSTAPHAKetua Pengarah Jakim5 Julai 2017

Posted by Tun Sri Lanang on Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Her wish is that people would stop hating and punishing dogs, and she believes that religion should not be used as a reason to hate because “religion teaches us to be good, not hate”.

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