Pet Dog Rescued, Only to Be Put Down by Authorities


A clerk at the Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College said that local council members in Negeri Sembilan reportedly killed her pet dog by lethal injection after they were called help rescue it from a drain.

Lily Devan was away in Johor Baru when her mother informed her that her 11-month-old dog, named “Baby”, had been stuck in a drain for five days.

“My mother suggested that I call the fire department, so I called them and asked them for help,” Lily said in a Facebook post.

According to her, personnel from the fire department came over but were failed to rescue Baby as it was afraid and kept running away from them, following which they suggested Lily call the Kuala Pilah District Council (MDKP) for assistance.

MDKP responded to Lily’s call and managed to rescue Baby from the drain but then they took it to a nearby enclosure and put it to sleep by lethal injection.

FMT reported that Lily said her sister, who was a witness to the incident, had protested, saying: “You know that this is my dog, so why are you not letting him go and giving him back to me?”

The MDKP personnel allegedly ignored her queries.

“MDKP refused to answer. They just put the rope around my dog and injected him, even though my sister shouted that the dog belonged to her.

“I also made it in time and told them to stop what they were doing, but they just continued injecting my dog,” Lily was quoted as saying.

She claimed that she had a licence for Baby, but had lost it.

According to the report, Lily said representatives from MDKP had since spoken with her and apologised but she is not satisfied with their response.

“I don’t want any money from them. I just need justice for my dog,” she was quoted as saying.

A member of the council who did not wish to be named said police were investigating the case and could not reveal any further details yet, the report said.