Redelineation Report Gazetted with Agong’s Consent

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The Yang di-Pertuan Agong has given his royal assent to the redelineation recommendations.

The King issued an order for the recommendations in the Election Commission’s redelineation report to come into effect from March 29.

A Federal Government Gazette posted yesterday on the Attorney-General’s Chambers e-Federal Gazette website (, signed by Cabinet Secretary Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa, stated that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong has made the order.

“This Order may be cited as the Federal Constitution (Delimitation of Constituencies) (States of Malaya) Order 2018.

“This Order comes into operation on 29 March 2018,” the statement read.

This means that the new voting boundaries can now be used for the forthcoming general election.

Critics have said the EC’s recommendations would give an unfair advantage to Barisan Nasional but the EC has denied such claims.

On March 28, in tabling the redelineation report, the prime minister said the EC’s recommendations did not propose any change to the number of parliamentary and state constituencies but suggested renaming 12 parliamentary and 28 state seats.

There are a total of 222 parliamentary seats and 587 state seats.

Amid protests and backlash from the Opposition, the motion was passed in Parliament with 129 votes against 80 votes after 14 MPs from both sides debated for 10 minutes each on the EC report that will affect 98 parliamentary seats.

The motion was passed despite three ongoing court cases by the Selangor government, the Penang government and 107 Selangor voters.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeal dismissed the Selangor government’s bid to challenge the EC’s redelineation exercise, while the High Court fixed April 11 to decide on the 107 Selangor voters’ court challenge over the EC’s failure to hold public hearings for their objections to the redelineation exercise.

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