Why Are Our Para-Athletes Left Out in the Cold?

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Why waste money sending huge number of officials abroad and neglect the needs of those who matter?

Recently, social media was abuzz after pictures of a para-athlete from Perlis seeking alms from the public went viral.


The post on Twitter was accompanied with a caption which read, “How did it come to this? Where is the allocation they were promised?

Since the photograph went viral, other para-athletes in a similar situation responded, claiming they too were left out in the cold after contributing so much for the country.

Many then tagged Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq, who was quick to respond.


“Can you tell how I can contact them?

For the first time, the Ministry of Sports and Youth (KBS) has developed a new scheme for athletes and former athletes worth RM3-RM10 million.

YAKEB, the charitable body for athletes has a budget of RM3 million.

These funds can be delivered through proper channels. Please help,” he tweeted.


Hats off to Saddiq for this effort – something which should have been done years ago.

Our para-athletes should be treated nothing less than other athletes as they also represent and bring glory to the country.

What was the previous Youth and Sports Ministry doing all these years?

Back then, each time our athletes went for an overseas event, we noticed a larger number of sports officials compared to the athletes themselves.

Why waste so much funding on such unnecessary things when the money could be channelled to more deserving causes?

It is time a probe is conducted into what really went on in this ministry and why our athletes are not getting what is due to them.

It is really sad and disheartening to see this former para-athlete having to beg on the streets like this.