Anwar: End of the Day, I Do What I Think Is Right

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On maturing and growing wiser.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has lamented that he has been criticised for being too pluralistic, too conservative and a chameleon, but noted that he could only do “what I think is right”.

The PKR leader said this was a problem he had to deal with, adding: “You go to the rural areas and some say ‘Anwar, he’s not like before, he’s too pluralistic, he wants to appease the Chinese, he chooses to quote Confucius, he doesn’t quote the Quran anymore’.”

He said that when he cited the Quran while speaking to a Chinese crowd, he was mindful to also touch on the teachings of Confucius.

“I don’t go to a Malay kampung and quote Confucius!” he said du­ring an interview.

Anwar also said he was accused of being a chameleon for quoting the Quran when he went into the villages and Shakespeare when he was in London.


“It’s true, I go to the kampung and quote the Quran because they understand (that). What is important is the substance.“Do you compromise on the substance? You don’t.”

Asked if he agreed that the Anwar of today was different than that of 20 years ago, who would have been more conservative in matters involving Islam and the Malay supremacy, he said: “People mature. You should grow wiser, not become a miser.”