Anwar Ticks Off Student Who Asked if He was Really into Sodomy

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PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim last night ticked off a university student who asked if he was really guilty of sodomy or whether it was slander.

The student claimed Anwar had never personally explained the matter and people had so far only relied on claims by his accuser.

“I started my speech by advising students to learn about being open and to listen.

“It’s 2018 now. If you still don’t understand, what have you been reading? What have you been hearing?” he said during a talk with students at Universiti Selangor in Bestari Jaya last night.

“We’ve explained on YouTube, on Facebook and there’s even a book explaining everything. Read – don’t be lazy.”

Anwar also advised the students to seek out the truth through reading widely instead of relying on claims.

“It is not that I am angry, but I’m giving you a reminder,” he said.

Anwar also reiterated the full pardon he had received from the Agong on the grounds

of miscarriage of justice.

In 1998, Anwar was sacked as deputy prime minister and convicted of corruption and sodomy. The sodomy conviction was later overturned.

However, he was in 2015 again sent to prison for sodomy.

Anwar had maintained the charges were politically motivated.

He was released in May following a full pardon granted by the Agong. – Malaysiakini