Much Ado About Judiciary Bigwigs Dancing at Legal Gala

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Umno Youth says CJ, A-G shouldn’t do the twist with politicians and activists.

Civil rights lawyer Siti Kasim has hit back at critics of a video of Attorney-General Tommy Thomas and Chief Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum dancing at a legal fraternity social event last night.

In a post on her Facebook account, Siti said it is only rational that the “top guns” of the industry attend the gala dinner hosted by Sabah Law Society to commemorate the Opening of the Legal Year 2019.

“We were in a legal function. Of course, the top guns in the legal area will be there,” Siti said in a post, attaching an earlier critical report by Malay daily Sinar Harian.

“No wonder under Barisan Nasional, everything shuts down. Pretenders and hypocrites the lot of them.


“At least we were not hiding anything. It’s just a normal dinner where we ‘enjoy’ ourselves. Or have they not recognise this word anymore?” she asked.

Siti also pointed out that critics will always come up to a negative conclusion after the two were criticised for fraternising with prominent lawyers and activists.

“If you have integrity, self-respect and honesty, you will remain so under whatever circumstances,” she added.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows Thomas and Malanjum dancing to popular 60s rock ‘n roll tune ‘Let’s Twist Again’ by Chubby Checker. It also features minister in charge of law Datuk Liew Vui Keong as well as lawyers Datuk S Ambiga and Siti Kasim.

Maaf, saya tak berminat dengan hidup peribadi sesiapa. Dalam video ini, saya hanya berminat dengan integriti di sini..Kelihatan seperti Ketua Hakim Negara, Peguam Negara dan peguam-peguam lain seperti Siti Kasim menari di atas pentas! Apakah benar itu mereka semua? Apakah lelaki yang kelihatan seperti Peguam Negara, Tommy Thomas itu sedang mabuk semasa menari?.Moga Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala selamatkan #Malaysia dari sebarang anasir jahat. .#malaysia #malaysian #integriti #firdauswong

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Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, in a statement today, slammed Malanjum for dancing with “pro-Pakatan Harapan” lawyers such as former Malaysian Bar president Ambiga Sreenevasan and activist Siti Kasim.

He said members of the judiciary, particularly judges, should show more tact in their social interactions.

Asyraf said it is not right for the “chief justice and attorney-general to rub shoulders with politicians and high-profile individuals” as “it courts controversy and erodes the people’s trust in their decisions.”

Not only must justice be done, it must also be seen to be done, he added

“Umno Youth expresses its disappointment at the viralled video, which has damaged the reputation of the judiciary…their conduct breached ethics and raises issues of conflict of interest,” he said.