Muslim Group Chief: No Need to Jump in Anger over Namewee’s Dog

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Malaysians need not get so upset over controversial rapper Namewee’s latest music video featuring people wearing dog costumes in Putrajaya, the head of Islamic Da’wah Foundation Malaysia advised today.

Yusri Mohamad said over-sensitivity coupled with a controversial past could have been the reason the Johor-born rapper was hauled up by the police over his music video titled ‘Like a Dog’, but he added that the public should let the law take its course.

“Sometimes the issues that he raises could be deemed sensitive. Especially since it involves someone who already has a track record. Maybe the music video he produced isn’t the worse, but his name has been tied to past videos,” he told reporters at a Chinese New Year Open house organised by Malaysian Chinese Muslims Association.

Yusri explained that there could have been a misunderstanding regarding the music video produced by Namewee that was deemed to be racially and religiously insensitive as it showed people wearing dog costumes dancing suggestively in Putrajaya.

“But he has explained and I hope there will be more forums and channels to discuss these sort of issues. If it reaches the court, he will also have the space to explain himself and his reason.

Miera Zulyana

“The public shouldn’t jump up [in anger] and we should let due process run its course. We should allow the rules to run this country and not take the law into our own hands. Everyone has a right to lodge a police report,” said Yusri.

The police arrested Namewee whose real name is Mee Weng Chee on Thursday following four police reports made against him over the controversial video. – MMO

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