No Need to Waste Rakyat’s Money to Build Undersea Tunnel, Najib Says

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The PM has questioned the need for a Penang undersea tunnel when the state already has two bridges connecting it to the mainland.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said this in his blog post ( titled ‘The Prime Minister’s speech on spoilt votes and the Barisan Nasional’s policy for the future’ today.


He said that he was informed of a movement that planned to spoil their votes because it was argued that the political parties in the Government and Opposition are both not beneficial for the people.

“There are weaknesses on both sides, but if the rakyat is not capable of evaluating us due to our weaknesses, then it is better that you choose based on the development created by the Government and Opposition.”

He said that unlike the Opposition, the Government has implemented many national infrastructure projects such as the MRT, Penang Bridge 2, Tun Razak Exchange 106, KL118, UTC, RTC, Kota Iskandar, ECRL and HSR.

This, he said, was unlike the Opposition which has imposed very high quit rent (‘cukai tanah’) increases of up to 1,671% in Penang and 300% in Selangor.

“In Penang, as if the bungalow scandal is not enough, recently, allegations about a giant scandal involving the Penang undersea tunnel have surfaced.

“We already have two Penang bridges, there is no need to waste the rakyat’s money to build the undersea tunnel.”

He said the Barisan Government was consistent in bringing development to the country, ensuring the future of every Malaysian.

“There is no need to spoil your vote, the best choice for the rakyat is very clear,” Najib said.