Teresa Kok: In 5 Years, Malaysians Will See PH Better Than BN

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The growing dissatisfaction with Pakatan Harapan is due to the people’s unrealistic expectation of immediate change, said Teresa Kok.

In an interview with Malaysiakini, the primary industries minister said voters will eventually come to see that PH makes a better government than Barisan Nasional, but this will take at least five years.

“They fail to see that we are inheriting a company (government) with a huge debt and one full of problems, including structural problems,” she said of some PH supporters’ unhappiness with the almost year-old government.

“I, however, do not believe that we are going to be a one-term government.”

The DAP deputy secretary-general said PH must listen to public feedback and expedite its reform agenda.

“We understand that times now are bad for both business folk and ordinary people, and we are trying our best to improve that.”

Despite the grumblings, she is confident that all Malaysians will support PH once it is able to “bring improvements to the economy, bring changes to the institutions, and show we are serious about combating corruption”.

“I feel that people will see in five years (by 2023) that we are a more ideal government compared with BN.”

Kok said after the now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat coalition took over the Penang and Selangor governments in 2008, it continued to retain the states despite the issues faced and sentiments that led to some quarters believing it would not last.

“In Selangor, we faced lots of problems, and demonstrations were held on a monthly basis. And yet, we could survive for three terms.”

After winning the 14th general election last year, PH is said to be suffering from a trust deficit and declining approval.

A recent survey by Ilham Centre and Penang Institute showed that 60% of Malay respondents were not happy with the pact’s performance.

PH also suffered bruising defeats in three consecutive by-elections, namely for the Cameron Highlands and Semenyih parliamentary seats, and Rantau state seat. – TMI