Needs-Based, Not Race-Based Economic Agenda

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Anwar says no to Azmin’s race-based economic agenda.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim says the government’s economic agenda must be focused on needs-based and not race-based policies.

This reminder from the Port Dickson MP came at a time when Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali has been talking about the need for the government to push ahead with its Bumiputera agenda to garner the support of the Malays. The PKR deputy president had also said that they “must do so without feeling apologetic or be fearful of criticism from others”.

“It is politically convenient to rile people up. But I will not compromise on this issue – our economic agenda must be needs-based, not race-based.

“We must shed racial politics and fear-mongering in order for Malaysia to progress,” Anwar tweeted yesterday.

In his posting he also added a graphic on the subject, based on what he spoke in Dewan Rakyat last week.

The graphic said there was a need to move on from the Malay agenda to the Rakyat agenda to eradicate poverty for everyone.

It said if poverty was eradicated, the Malays would automatically stand to benefit too.

The graphic added that the distribution of income and gains that was concentrated on the elite Malays before this must be changed to ensure that there was equal opportunity for all.

It also said that a strong economy for all Malaysians was the key to guarantee the stability of the country.

While Anwar did not mention anyone in his posting, it did appear he was directing his message to Azmin.